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A Quick Analysis of Human Behavior and Internet

staceywalsh March 9, 2019

Technology has undergone a drastic change and influenced masses to a great extent. Had it been used correctly, the utility of the World Wide Web would have contributed to the best lifestyle ever. There is an excellent scope of improvement within the society in the context of shopping and the approach of consumer behaviour with the emergence of the internet, currently. There are common types of shopping approaches which include emotional and rational behaviour. In the former one, customers are emotionally inclined towards a product. Be it a friend’s recommendation or an online review about the resourcefulness of the stuff to be purchased. In this type of approach, the decision taken by the shopper is emotion.

On the other hand, in the case of rational behaviour, the customer takes a final call to buy stuff in a rational manner. However, the internet has come into the shopping sector and thereby, opened various options for individuals. Online stores, easy monthly installment, pragmatic return policy, quick shipment policy, songs websites and other features are drawing in more cyber-savvy people to shop online.


Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

• Shopping online is not confined to one category, but, it also offers groceries, home décor and other utilities within the store. However, the online leading luxury marketplace emerged as a mode to offer the best service of shopping from the comfort of home.

• This concept has been misinterpreted by most of the shoppers; hence, they are not happy with the online shopping experience. On the contrary, if people analyze the pros and cons of buying goods from a particular online store, then, faltering in the shopping process will be impossible.

• Moreover, it cannot be denied that the internet has touched the lives of people and even changed it greatly. Most of the tasks are done with a smarter technology and least human efforts are employed. This in itself denotes that consumers want their work to be done in a simplified way. For instance, ordering food online, tracking the location of someone, checking the details of regular stuff or even shopping come under modern internet-based activities.


A Practical Outlook towards Internet and human behaviour

Are users identifying the correct utility of internet or have they just crossed a mile in this web-oriented world right away? Well, trends of shopping reflect that most of the people rely on online stores for buying their stuff. Most of the shoppers are able to connect with the significance of tasks being carried out with the help of internet. But, that does not mean this wonderful technology can replace a human’s working style. To cut it short, manual work is like a backbone of any task because without any human input, expecting the perfect result would be unrealistic.

Modern time’s wonder, internet: Uses and Caution

• Life is a bouquet of surprise, you can order it online! Right? Certainly not! Life might have become advanced, yet, an internet connection or its mechanism is incomplete without a user. Getting immersed in the internet world is a big NO; instead, taking a practical decision will be appropriate. Presuming the internet information as correct is not advisable.

• Tools which are being designed to make the user experience simplified with internet are fantastic. Well, here, you need to be particular about your choice, customization, and resourcefulness of information or activity on the internet. On the basis of these factors, you will be easily able to decipher whether to proceed with the next step or not. For example, the internet is like a sea of information which gets compiled at a common source, yet, people have to take a look at it in advance. It is this initial observation which will help users to analyze the utility of internet and correlate it with their action.

• People count on technology for their safety, convenience or other works in day-to-day lives. Empowerment of the society by applying the usage of internet for distinguished tasks may be the prime outlook of eminent individuals. In this case, consumers should understand that safety is being offered to them by the internet, yet, there could be hacks behind it as well. Since the safety tools or apps are developed by human beings, it might be prone to hacking or malware issues. Hence, manual safety, mindful actions, and proper execution are must for using the internet, these days. Last Wisdom Summation Get the help of ithe nternet without any qualms, but, make sure, its utility does not affect your lifestyle. Human behavior has always been inquisitive; let it remain the same by unlocking the purpose of ithe nternet for any action! This tactful approach will always assure a safe life in a tech-savvy way.

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