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Add Value To Your Snack Boxes With The Various Customization Options

John D. George September 11, 2020

One of the fasted growing industry nowadays is the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). They are further divided into three categories which are durable goods, nondurable goods and services. The biggest segment of this industry is the nondurable goods. They have an expiry date of less than a year. Therefore, in order to protect them from deteriorating before their expiry date, custom printed snack boxes are used.

Why Use Snack Boxes?

Due to the scale of the industry and the consumer demand, there are numerous manufacturers that are in the market and have to compete against each other. This puts an extra burden on the producers because they have to endure heavy competition from the competitors. Therefore, they use custom snack boxes wholesale for that. There are a number of reasons why manufacturers prefer using such boxes. Some of those reasons are as mentioned below.

For Longer Shelf Life:

As explained earlier, snacks already have a very small shelf life. But if they are not protected properly against moisture and heat, they will further deteriorate at an even faster rate. Therefore, in order to preserve their freshness and to ensure that they reach the customers in the way that you have intended them to, they are packed in custom snack boxes.

Custom Printed Snack Boxes

Snack Subscription Boxes:

In order to add value to the retail products, a number of manufactures also offer snack subscription boxes as well. As their main purpose is to add value to the products that you are offering, therefore, they need to be highly presentable and pleasing to the eye. That is why, custom snack box gift is used. These are specially designed boxes in a number of different colours as well as designs. Some of the examples are pillow boxes, slider boxes, boxes with inserts etc.

For Shipping:

The snacks do not only have small shelf lives, but they are also quite fragile as well. They might lose their shape and texture even if a small amount of pressure is put on them. Apart from that, one manufacturer might be producing products that will be used in the entire country or even beyond that.

Therefore, not only do you need to preserve the freshness of your items, you also need to protect them from the various external effects like heat, humidity and moisture. There are number of materials that are available for making custom printed snack boxes like kraft, cardboard etc. A number of these materials are able to provide extra protection from environmental effects as well as against impacts and pressure. So they are able to protect these items.

For Marketing:

As explained earlier, for every single product, there are numerous manufacturers. Therefore, they have to face tough competition. Now you can not solely rely on the traditional marketing methods. You need to adapt to the circumstances and provide the customers what they need. Apart from running marketing campaigns online, on print and electronic media, you boxes also need to be able to market your brand to the customers on the retailer’s shelves as well. This is done by the customizable snack box.

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