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Advantages of Buying Performance Tyres for Your Car

Recenture soft December 29, 2021

Buying performance tyres and replacing standard tyres on your sports car or high-end luxury vehicle can provide the best performance while driving, as well as improved safety and comfort. Available in a wide range of brands and models, Performance tyres are well-known for their braking performance and superior stability at high speeds. These tyres may cost more than normal variants, but their race track performance on urban city roads makes them the best option for sports and luxury Tyres Fareham.

Car owners can browse different features of the performance tyres they buy and purchase the one that best suits their driving style and weather or road condition. Moreover, it is vital to get performance tyres from a well-known and trusted facility that offers authentic brands and uses advanced tools and technology to mount them. 

Why get Performance Tyres Fareham?

Road Holding Ability

One of the primary benefits of installing performance tyres on your vehicle is getting superior traction when driving. Also, the robust sidewalls of the performance tyres produce a comfortable driving exercise in different road conditions and even help when cornering or applying braking at high speeds. Installing performance tyres help promote proactive driving by enabling the car driver to apply fewer brakes and offering smoother transitions when changing your on-road speed. Moreover, proactive driving because of performance tyres will also reduce the chance of premature wear or tear and safeguard the vehicle.

Improve fuel Efficiency

Standard tyres are prone to air pressure loss and have high rolling resistance. Tyres with such problems reduce the fuel economy while driving and even offer an uncomfortable drive. Such a condition is because the engine requires more power to run the vehicle and consumers more fuel in the process. Luckily, performance tyres have the ability to maintain the air pressure level. They lose less air pressure and require fewer air pressure checks in a month. Consequently, car owners can get the best fuel efficiency when driving. You can also look at the wet-grip, speed index and other tyre markings while buying the tyres to get optimal fuel efficiency.  

Steering Responsiveness

Getting the best driving performance when driving at high speed without jeopardising safety becomes paramount for sports or luxury car owners. Performance Tyre manufacturers constantly aim to introduce new and advanced tyres with unique centre bands or stronger sidewalls. These features are necessary to get the best steering response and maintain the structural integrity of tyres when your vehicle is driving at high speeds on dry roads. Performance tyres quick steering response makes them perfect to drive on empty or crowded roads. 

Heat Dispersion

The high-quality blends used for producing performance tyres allow a superior resistance to the heat created by high-speed driving. Moreover, overheating of tyres is a typical cause of tyre damage, especially in standard tyres. Avoiding overheating of tyres when driving leads to more unhurried tread wear and helps in tyre longevity. 

Reduced Stopping Distance

The sticky rubber and the clever design of Performance Tyres Fareham help car owners stop their vehicles quickly. This is beneficial when driving on wet roads to reduce stopping distance and to get a safe drive. 

Seasonal Change

Performance tyres are the best tools for enhanced performance in dry or wet road conditions. Their design produces outstanding handling and handling due to their ingenious build.

Company fitted tyres

Most sports car or luxury car manufacturing companies already-fit performance tyres on new cars so that the car owner can get the best driving performance and unleash the full potential without endangering their on-road safety. If your vehicle already had performance tyres installed previously, then replacing those tyres with the same kind is necessary to get the same driving experience.  


The premium quality built and the clever tread design of performance tyres helps them last longer compared to standard tyres. Also, Performance tyres are less likely to get damaged early because of premature wear or tear. 

Features Performance tyres

  • The sidewall has a short or low profile that provides superior cornering performance.
  • Clever rim flange protectors to help protect the wheels and deliver improved lateral stiffness
  • The belts of performance tyres are positioned at a lower inclination to improve responsiveness when driving at high as well as low speeds. 
  • Large and special tread blocks are meant to offer improved dry traction along with grip.
  • The special overlay materials allow higher speed ratings

For more information about Tyres Fareham, you can drive down to a well-known tyre provider and consult the in-house technicians. 

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