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Advantages of Traveling Alone

souy139 March 13, 2018

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” –Oscar Wilde

Having yourself away from the contact with people is a good thing to evaluate and be more happy with yourself. I don’t if it is really true for you, sometimes being alone is not being lonely because in that situation that you can be happy without the company of others. Your happiness will not be dependent on anyone. Yourself matters most to you. You will only know how to care and love to another person when you can be alone on your own.

Now either you work or stayed in a place where there are a lot of businesses ongoing like Vertis North and you always hang out with your friends and been so exhausted of everything. What about trying to travel alone, maybe at first you will not like to go out because you feel like being lonely but the fact that you want to stay away from toxic people and tiring work. You should travel all by yourself, there advantages that you may see of traveling alone.

You are the only one who can decide where you want to travel

You can make things in your own path, you don’t have to compromise with the others. No one can tell you also where you need to go for a travel. Your mind will be at peace by making your own decisions, positively.

Meet new people

It’s not that if you are with others, you can’t meet new people but the fact that when you travel alone and may meet other people with same as you. You don’t have to close the box because you already met those people and you don’t have to gather other friends. Who never knew that you might find people who can teach you another lesson in life to consider them.

Viewing your inner self

Sometimes, reflecting ourselves alone while traveling is a good thing. Your inner thoughts will be important to you, you are more capable of thinking the things in your own perspective. You can reflect the most things that matter to you from then and now.


For me, this is the best thing that always happens to travel alone. This will also challenge yourself to work-out on something like when you don’t know the exact location and you are freaking out but then, at the end of the day you always find the good things along the way. Running out of money also a great challenge for traveling alone because you have to really save everything just to go back where you’ve been.

Feeling lonely is not a big thing

You will meet people in a place where you stayed and solo travelers also who are with you on the same bus. You may miss the ambiance of being home but experiencing out of your comfort zones are much more needed for yourself. Once you meet a person in your travel, you may never know you will still keep in touch with each other and laugh all the experiences you had with your adventures.

You gain confidence

Gaining confidence needs an extra effort for you to face your fears and dark sides of the world. You will be braver with those fears you had before like you’re afraid of snakes or heights. And challenges also make us stronger and wiser to do things in an instant. You can gain skills that you didn’t know it existed in your human body.

I hope these things will make your travel and be on your own. Being a companion is not a bad thing but with traveling alone is better than with a bad companion. When you travel alone, you are open to some changes in yourself. And after those experiences, you will be more engaging to people and know how to contribute the good things that you realized from your travels. You are not disappointing anyone for doing such thing. You don’t have to explain to them why you have to be alone sometimes, at least for a year you are following your own heart and mind.

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