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Advantages of using Joomla in web development

Naveed December 7, 2021

There are certain advantages of using Joomla in the web development services industry. It helps in creating a website that has many dominant aspects that can add value to the client’s website. Moreover, web development companies all over the world are using Joomla to create dynamic websites for their clients and this is the main reason for the increased reputation of Joomla.

By using Joomla, you can avail the services of skilled web developers who offer a dynamic and inexpensive method to create a revolutionary website. There are certain advantages of using Joomla as part of web development services.

  • With Joomla, a company can offer services that allow you to create lively websites for medium-sized businesses as well as renowned companies. Joomla allows web development companies to create lively websites, which would not be possible for small companies with limited resources.
  • Since Joomla is primarily open-source, it is not limited in its core aspects. On the contrary, web development companies prefer to extend Joomla and offer custom aspects. In other aspects of the site, Joomla allows the combination of additional modules and other necessary components.
  • Installation of Joomla is relatively simple and can be done on-site or on the server, depending on your needs. Most shared hosting servers are suitable for Joomla installation and management. There are many servers that offer the option to install Joomla in advance, and servers that don’t have this option offer an alternative service in the form of a computer-assisted installation using Fantastico’s fancy software installer, found in the server’s control center. This allows you to install Joomla quickly and efficiently.
  • What’s more, even web developers with little programming knowledge can use Joomla effortlessly and provide their clients with high-performance database-driven websites. Otherwise, a Web site extension would require professional programming knowledge.
  • The availability of free Joomla add-ons offers businesses an ideal opportunity to intensify different aspects. Most of the time, these add-ons are downloaded and installed for free. The add-ons available in the market that can be purchased have also proved to be very popular with web development companies all over the world.
  • By using Joomla in an optimal way, web development companies can save time, which they can use to focus on other problems that would not have been solved due to the lack of time for the add-on.
  • Joomla reduces the amount of development time needed for a given project and allows web development companies to think of additional services that their clients could benefit from.
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