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Adventure Park Near Pune – An Experience Of A Lifetime

stephanieseo March 4, 2021

Adventure Park near Pune has been around since 1971. A small village called Bairat had started the first adventure park here. It was a perfect place for adventure seekers to get into the spirit of adventure. Later on, the adventure park got its name from adventure sports that were conducted in the park. The adventure places in Pune are as numerous as their names. They offer all kinds of adventure sport activities like trekking, mountaineering, fishing, bungee jumping, white water rafting, motor biking, climbing, cycling, etc.

Adventure Park near Pune offers various types of adventure sports. Some of these are rock climbing, rock skipping, bungee jumping, kite surfing, cycling, and many more. You can enjoy all these sports at an adventure park near Pune. There are different kinds of adventure places in Pune like Bandora Tiger National Park, Manali Adventure Park, Mount Abu Sanctuary, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

Adventure Park near Pune offers world class facilities. The hotel accommodations here provide world class amenities to the guests. The restaurants here serve delicious food. Some of the adventure parks in Pune also offer special food items like sandwiches and juices.

Hotels and guest houses at the adventure park surround an adventure park with a great number of facilities like swimming pool, picnic area, playgrounds, hiking tracks and adventure sports. Almost all the hotels in Pune are well equipped with modern facilities including air conditioner, refrigerator, internet service etc. Some of the popular hotel resorts at adventure park are Hotel Pune Residency, Taj Mahal Holiday Park, Nilanchal House, Hans Coco Palms, Jaypee Vasant Continental, Nilanchal Ashok, Nilanchal Dargah, Nilanchal Hotel, Hans Coco Palms and many more. Each of these hotels has its unique charm and provides luxury at its best.

Apart from water sports and adventure park, there are many other tourist attractions in and around the city. There are many temples and religious places here. The most fascinating thing is that tourists can have a glimpse of the historical Mysore Palace. The palace was built by the former ruler, J.D. viz., during the rule of Maharaja Jai Singh II.

The other places worth exploring in the city include the Kala academy where one can learn about various types of adventure sport. The other adventure sports that can be enjoyed here are hot air ballooning, trekking, paintballing, rafting, skiing, motor-bicycle tours and mountain biking. Another exciting adventure sport that one can enjoy here is mountain climbing. This tourist attraction is not only available at the park but also within the city limits.

A major attraction within the state of Maharashtra is the wildlife sanctuary of Satkhanda. Located in the state capital, Mumbai, Satkhanda is the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. Wildlife enthusiasts, bird lovers, trekkers, adventurers and film personalities visit this park to enjoy adventure sports amidst lush surroundings and beautiful surroundings.

The Park near Pune has been ranked among the best adventure park in India according to various travel and product review websites. These websites rate the adventure park facilities and adventure sports in the park. They also rate the restaurants in the area and their food recipes. Thus, if you too want to try out some adventure activities in the region, then book your tickets to this Park near Mumbai now.

Adventure Park near Mumbai has five outdoor parks including two which are managed by the Disney Company. Disney’s adventure playground offers various adventure sports under various categories such as adventure mini-games, thrill ride games and thrilling roller coasters. In addition to adventure games, the other adventure activities offered here are trekking, mountain biking, hiking and mountain climbing. Apart from adventure sports, the tourist attractions in and around the area include Bollywood cinemas, discotheques, a plethora of shopping malls, posh shopping avenues and an assortment of hotels. Hence, an ideal time to visit this Park is between September and November.

Another prominent adventure park near Mumbai is Pune’s Pushkar adventure park. Located near the town itself, the adventure sports here include hot air ballooning, trekking, parasailing and more. Tourists looking for adventure sports and tourists looking for some spiritual experience can make their visit to Pushkar. In the past, Pushkar was known for its temples but now the temple complexes have been converted into hotels which provide delicious vegetarian food. Besides, the area also offers a plethora of adventure sports to the visitors such as trekking, white water rafting and paragliding.

Adventure Park near Pune has also got its fair share of adventure sports such as river rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, heli-jumping, zorbing, mountaineering and more. Another adventure park in the city is Blackwater Rafting course which is also managed by Disney. This course offers a two hour adventure tour for kids. The adventure sports here are available in three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Tourists looking for adventure can make their visit to Pune either during winters or summers.

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