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Affordable Honeymoon Vacations in Bahrain

Flora Cox October 22, 2014

Affordable Honeymoon Vacations in Bahrain

The glamor associated with having a honeymoon vacation in Bahrain beats all logic that it can come anywhere near affordable. What about the many pleasant sandy beaches that bedecks this archipelago island country? Add to this list, the lavish honeymoon hotels, the astounding wedding gardens, the jaw-dropping honeymoon resorts and the seemingly ubiquitous honeymoon cruises in Bahrain. There is a lot to associate with high-cost honeymoon in this island. But this is not always the case.
Things have over time fallen in place to ensure honeymoon dreams come true for anyone here. With as little as 1,520BHD ($4000) honeymoon package including air tickets and airport transfers across Bahrain, you can afford a honeymoon experience of a lifetime. The point is to plan ahead and identify affordable honeymoon destinations and packages.

What makes these destinations affordable

In order to have a feel of the ease and affordability of Bahrain honeymoon, it’s imperative to learn a few points that make it possible to accommodate any budget:

Firstly, there is already a healthy competition among Luxury hotels owners and wedding planners wishing to provide beach honeymoon experiences of a life time at competitive rates. At times they may offer honeymoon night stays at incredible discount rates of up to 40% meaning that you may save about 30BHD for a 75BHD night stay in a 4star hotel in Bahrain.

Secondly, the liberal nation that is Bahrain offers impressive ease to orchestrating any type of wedding. Despite it being an Arab country, there are no assertive regulations or objections from authorities on weddings and honeymoons.

Then, there’s plenty of choices of tailor-made honeymoon vacations. This means that with the help of an expert wedding planner, you can put down a grand plan of a honeymoon while putting all costs at best. The sole aim being a romantic getaway – a relaxed way to end your grand day and start life together as a couple.
Popular honeymoon destinations

As the capital of Bahrain, this is undoubtedly one of the most preferred honeymoon destination in Bahrain. This is where you find most of Bahrain’s luxury hotels, resorts and spars that emphasize on relaxation, comfort and serenity to enjoy. It’s also a place for great shopping where you can spend time shopping for variety items including jewellery and other pleasantries for your loved one. A travel guide comes in handy here when it comes to making a choice of the many places you can honeymoon in Manama.

Persian Gulf
this covers all incredible beach destinations by the sea sides of Bahrain. There are several resorts, hotels and sandy beaches you can treat your loved one to. The views are spectacular and the feel is awesome to keep the flame of love and offer a chance to start life on a happy note.

Tree of life
For you wishing to start life together on a rather unique and special way, you can visit this large, evergreen mysteriously wonderful, standalone ‘Tree of Life’ that survives the harsh conditions of desert in Bahrain. Dating about 700 years, today, the tree’s source of life is still a mystery. Those mesmerized by the tree finds it inspiring to visit it and find a new way to start life in a uniquely special and affordable way.

Dilmun Burial Mounds
Located in Dilmun, the mounds are one of the ancient prehistoric sites in the East. The visit to the place offers an affordable still memorable way to start together. In fact a popular belief is that Adam and Eve came from here. This can never come better especially for newlyweds. You may opt to take time together exploring the spectacular sites then wind it down in a hotel nearby.

Nonetheless, finding reliable wedding planner, researching best travel packages and applying for that Bahrain Visa early enough is key to maximum delight while on honeymoon in all these Bahrain destinations.

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Flora, a passionate traveler and blogger who shares her thoughts on various topics she came across. As a solo traveler shares her stories on many blogs. Presently she is working for Bahrain Visa which is a visa service provider.


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