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African Print Outfits – Introducing the Beauty of Africa to the World

alicesmith June 27, 2021

The beauty of Africa may already be evident from a tourist perspective. We won’t even mention the lions or elephants in the savannahs or the warm sandy beaches lining the African coasts making the continent a popular and preferred tourist destination. But did you know that Africa is also adept at making some original, elegant and stylish outfits that project the spirit of the cradle of mankind?

If hoodies are something you favour for your regular evening walks or weekend hangouts, this article on some of the exquisite African print hoodie that Trubaker Collections has stocked online will be an exciting read for you.

Why You Should Have Some African Outfits in Your Closet

African fashion is the new trend. Africa greatly influences the fashion trends adopted all over the world. This is because it is the second largest continent in the world with over 50 countries. The fashion trends that originate from this continent are so diverse and so vast that they differ significantly from place to place. The unique and outstanding features of African fashion has made it quite renowned across the world. Design patterns from Africa are also very evident in the fashion industries in Europe and America. Considering its popularity, it might be hard to find some affordable fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe. However, with Trubaker, you do not have to worry about this. If you’re male, you might want to try some of our fashionable African t shirts for men available on the Trubaker Collections online store.

Hoodiesare very common and trendy in this age. People have been putting on hoods since Ancient Rome. But the hooded sweatshirt, or as we call it hoodie, was first designed by the sports company Champion in the 1930s. It was initially designed for athletes and labourers to protect them from the elements (e.g. dust particles). It has however since evolved and is now quite popular among the youth.

Contrary to how it’s been occasionally portrayed in ‘hacker’ films, hoodies are quite positively received. For instance, when it sprang up in Silicon Valley as the ‘official outfit’ of tech executives like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who thumbed their noses at authority with their casual dress, it was a noticeable hit.

The African print hoodie is designed with the positivity of the African spirit to embrace the integrity and authenticity of its culture. Therefore, to keep with our slogan of “one can have a feel of Africa regardless of their location”, we invite you to take a tour of our online store. You’ll surely be attracted to one of the diverse African print hoodiesin our collection.African t shirts for men are the new trendy for every man who is keen to explore and feel the elegance and comfort of the African outfit.

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