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All You Need to Know About Children’s Book Categories

aliyanadesouza October 6, 2021

When we were young we majorly read pictorial books. Words were very few but pictures were many. However,step-by-step words and pictures were all balanced out. Why is it so?  It is what is referred to as the children’s book categories. This method of grouping helped us and is still functional. Books are meant to help us discover ourselves. Yes,it allows us to know who we are and our personalities. It points out the uniqueness that is in all.  Furthermore, reading informs us of our environment. We can associate with other people, the planet, and the universe.  We usually find that the majority of childrens story books online have a special target audience. Why is this so? Most of the time authors keep in mind the following while writing and publishing for children:


Children of different ages have special unique abilities in perception and comprehension. This is the pivotal aspect that an author always remembers. Preschoolers have a specific understanding of the world around them. They still perceive various aspects of life. Their curiosity is usually high. That is why they learn well by observing and imitating.  You will find their books in pictorial form. Even if it is a language book, more pictures than words will be incorporated.  These books will fascinate them the most. Nonetheless, as they continue to grow up more words will be added.

Learning aspects

Every kid has their learning aspects. This characteristic correlates with age. It is important to choose children’s books that are at par with their learning capabilities. The use of simple language is often preferred. Young children tend to dislike difficult technical jargon in their books. Therefore if you are selecting childrens story books online, it is necessary to be keen on this. Boring books can kill the reading skill in children. Aim for books that interest them according to their age. Be patient, as they grow up then they will be ready for the technical terms.


We are all unique and special. What appeals to one might not be so to another. This is because we are influenced by our personalities, attitudes, and culture. Therefore we will tend to prefer some books over others. This also applies to kids.  They do not love the same books. They are fascinated by books that satisfy their desires. That’s why authors of children’s books would love to bring in different styles and genres in their writing. Beware not to force your kid to read a specific book simply because another kid loves it. Select a language book based on your kids’ appeal. This will make them perfect that specific skill.


Children’s books are categorized in different genres based on their age, beliefs, and even location. You will find different categories in the following forms:

  • Picture books: this genre mostly targets infants, preschoolers, and grade 1 kids. They contain basic concepts that help in learning such as alphabets and numbers. Stories in picture books apply this perspective entirely. A perfect example is the ‘The cat, the fish, and the waiter
  • Traditional literature: children learn through environment including socio-cultural beliefs. Authors will write this based on what the child has been made to believe. Most of the time these books help the child connect with the past. Legends and fairy tales are the most common. They include stories of heroes and villains, superstitions, and myths. Yes, we know the famous ‘once upon a time fairy tales like Cinderella, snow white, Robin Hood, and many more.
  • Fiction: you will also get fictional stories in children’s storybooks online. They engage the child’s vivid imagination. Sci-Fi is the most common of them.
  • Nonfiction: These kinds of books are meant to introduce the child to the realities of life by depicting real stories of true happenings.

Therefore genre is a helpful aspect in categorizing children’s books. It helps us to select the type that is suitable for the kid.

Without these categories, it would be difficult to select books for children.

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