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An expert’s guide for your customizable gift packaging

Flora harvey July 26, 2021

Giving and receiving gifts is an amazing feeling. The best part about it is the time and effort you put into designing customizable gift packaging to make your loved one feel special. The time he receives the gift and unpacks it becomes a special and memorable moment. However, the people who careless pack their gifts can portray a bad impression on the receiver. If you want to learn the best way to present your valuable gifts, here is an expert’s guide. By keeping these simple things in mind you can send out your gifts in a most well-presented manner.

Buy the Relative Packaging Material:

For custom gift boxes, it is important to choose the best packaging material. This is because the exterior is the first thing on which the receiver will focus the most. You can choose from a variety of packaging papers, wrapping sheets, or make your own customized gift paper. You may also have to buy decorative materials like ribbons, stars, glitter, bows, beads, stickers, tags, and other embellishments for decoration.

Find a Right Place to start your Gift Wrapping:

Although most of us do not even bother about it, finding the right place is necessary to ensure good gift wrapping. If your place is not comfortable or lacks the basic accessories you need, you can’t end up creating a perfect gift pack. It can be anything like your kitchen shelf, a dining table, a study table, or even any neat surface providing you enough space to stand over.

Assemble your Gift Wrapping Tools:

If you are going to wrap bulk gift boxes and do not have the necessary tools and materials on the table, it can end up in a great mess. Assembling all the accessories in one place can save you from hassle. The first step is to choose your wrapping paper. Choose any colored sheet, glittery sheet, Kraft paper, custom printed paper, or even a recycled one to give an adorable look to your gift packages. Some people also wrap with maps or newspapers to show their creativity. The next step is to gather other packaging supplies like double-sided tape, ribbons, and scissors, etc. Never tear off the wrapping paper with fingers. The more effort you put into designing your gift boxes the more attractive they become.

Measure Your Paper:

The biggest mistake people make while wrapping their gifts is the excessive wastage of paper. According to the opinion of experts, the packaging designed by using minimal wrapping material looks more presentable and increases customers’ satisfaction. Before you begin the process, it is necessary to make a good estimate of the material used to avoid a bulky appearance. The same tip goes for ribbon. Before cutting it out, think about the length required to make the desired bow.

Choose a Right Sized Box:

When packaging your gifts, it is important to keep the size of the product in mind. You need to be sure what your gift is and choose the right-sized box accordingly. Going for too large or too small gift boxes proves inefficient in the terms of protection as well as display. They may either damage your product by moving it all around or make it difficult to fit in. According to the opinion of experts, for designing flawless gift packaging it is necessary to choose the right sized box. This makes your product look adorable!

Variations in Box Style:

When it comes to gift wrapping, there are unlimited options of the box style. Now you are no longer bound to remain limited to traditional style boxes. Experiment with a couple of new ideas to make your custom gift boxes more appealing. Gable boxes, sleeve packaging, two-piece boxes, flip-top boxes, or the one with an attached lid are some of the trendy options available in the market. In addition to them, you may also experiment with different box shapes like introduce circular or hexagonal gift boxes or give them any odd shape. The choices are unlimited. It all depends upon your creativity.

Interior Packaging:

If you want to package your gifts more adorably, you have to be concerned about their internal packaging too. Your gift boxes wholesale should look attractive from both inside out. Often the gift packaging boxes is plain from the inside. Introducing a cloth or a colored gift paper inside can arouse people’s interest in your products. You may also use inserts and other types of filler packaging to save the hassle. All this can be done with little creativity and skills.


Apart from creating exceptional gift packaging, you must also deliver your heartfelt thoughts and sentiments to make the recipient feel special.  For this, you may include more postage. Add small color chits with handwritten messages, custom printed tags, or use little greeting cards to create a memorable experience for your loved one. 

Never Forget about Protection:

For fragile and delicate items, it is necessary to ensure maximum protection while arranging them in a gift box. For example, if you are gifting a vase or a mug to your friend, you need to fill its center with bubble wrap or any other type of internal packaging to provide more safety. You can also add a fragile mark on custom gift boxes to handle them with care if are to be transported at a long distance.

Go for Theme Customize action:

Gift boxes are incomplete without customization. And going for theme variations is the most effective way to attract everyone in the crowd. A gift box designed according to Christmas, New Year, birthday, or any other theme can highlight your gifts among several others. Such customizations make the recipient remember your gifts for a long.

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