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An Insight into the Wood Shaving Business in Melbourne

Sandeep August 9, 2017

Wood shavings are popular material. Especially, these materials come with insecticidal properties. These extremely versatile materials are really easy to use. Wood shavings are used for killing and repelling insects and venomous snakes. Softwood shavings smell really nice because of the presence of aromatic hydrocarbons. Aromatic wood shavings can be used in insect control and animal care projects. There are many service providers of Woodshavings in Melbourne, you need to absolutely sure before choosing the right one.

Rate of Application

Wood shavings can be applied at the rate of 2-2.5 pounds/1000 square feet in outdoor areas. A bag weighs around 10lb cover around 5,000 sq. ft. you may use wood shavings for potted plants, pet beds and also in other smaller outdoor areas.


Wood shavings last around 3 months in dry conditions. During rainy seasons, when it rains – the oils are released. Oil present in wood shavings is actually good for soil as it contains high-amount of carbon and also promotes good microbial activity to the soil. Rain also helps to reactivate the aromatic qualities. Wood shavings used for pet beds generally last 2-3 months of time and can also be refreshed occasionally by adding more.

Safe for Pets?

Wood shavings made by a authenticate organizations can be safely used in both indoors and outdoors where pets live and play. Many organizations that sell woodchips, ask the owner of pets to bring or present the pets during the application process. There has been discussion surrounding the pines used in pet bedding for small and exotic animals.

However, these types of products are different from use around domestic animals. These types of wood shaving are mainly used in outdoors or in pet beds. Pet bedding generally connotes to the products such as hamsters, rabbits, and mice with constant contact to the material.

Generally, pet beddings refer to the products for caged pets. Though these types of compounds including phenols have been reviewed as a potential health risk for the small animals’ (rats, rabbits) respiratory system – though these types of tests are inconclusive at this time.

Pet bedding can also be referred to the bedding materials for horse and cattle.

Based on a scientific study and also various reports till date, wood shavings generally don’t impact the life of domestic animals or farm animals.

At the end, it can be said that wood shavings can easily be used around both children and pets as a natural, aromatic products to repel insect. Wood shavings are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic products. It offers superior performance compared to other wood shavings and wood granules.

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