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An introduction to the Data Science with Python course

Careerera June 30, 2021

What is Data Science with Python?

Data science with Python certification is a data science certification course which has been designed by Careerera for learners who want to learn how to use the Python programming language for carrying out the common and major tasks of data science.

Python is the most popular programming language used for data science. There is no question about it and one cannot doubt the truth of this statement. One can check the statistics of programming languages used for data science on any bona fide website and they will see that Python is the most popular programming language for data science by far.

Python has several features which make it very attractive and very useful for data science. The first feature which comes to mind is the very nature of the Python programming language. It is very simple and easy to learn. It has a very sparse syntax and uses whitespace for formatting.

This makes Python code very simple, neat, clean, and easy to read and comprehend. Beginners can parse Python code very easily and can understand the purpose and function of that code very quickly. The icing on the cake is that the syntax of Python resembles natural human languages.

This makes Python code appear very natural and close to the already existing brain patterns of the learners. As a result, they are able to pick up the patterns, features, and nuances of the Python programming language very quickly and very easily. It appears very straightforward to them.

Salient features of the course –

1. The instructors –

The instructors of this data science with python certification course are of world-class quality. They have been hired from around the world and hail from different countries. Their diverse countries of origin are not their only special feature. They are extremely elite teachers and very meticulous professionals who have been chosen for their excellent teaching skills.

Our instructors have been hired only after being subjected to a most rigorous screening procedure. In that screening procedure, they were tested extensively by being asked to take written exams and appear for technical interviews.

As a team, all of our instructors have aced all of the written tests and technical interviews and have passed all the tests we set for them with flying colors. We have full confidence in their teaching skills, subject matter expertise, and vast professional experience from working in the field of data science for decades.

We can say with full faith and assurance that they will be the best set of people to impart information and knowledge to our learners and that our learners need not have any doubts about their teaching abilities.

2. The course curriculum –

The course curriculum of this course has been designed after very careful and painstaking research. We formed a special committee for the sole purpose of designing the course curriculum of this course so that it was comprehensive and complete in nature.

The learners will find that the course curriculum is extremely comprehensive and contains all the most recent developments and advances made in the field of data science within it.

We have endeavoured to our fullest capacity to include all the core concepts and topics of data science which are required by a data science professional in their careers in the real world.

So our learners will find that by taking this course they will be brought into contact with all the core concepts and topics that they will require while working as full-fledged data scientists or data analysts in the real world. Their careers and their knowledge bases will be served very well by taking our data science certification with python course.

3. The capstone projects –

This data science with Python course contains more than 12 capstone projects. These capstone projects have been designed to help the learners acquire and gather valuable practical and hands-on experience. All the capstone projects are based on topics which are being used and applied on a daily basis in the field of data science.

By completing these capstone projects the learners will gain valuable experience which will instill a lot of faith and confidence within themselves with regards to their newfound skills, knowledge, and abilities.

4. The feedback –

The learners will get regular feedback from the instructors on all of their submissions such as assignments, surprise quizzes, and capstone projects. The instructors will give comments, corrections, remarks, suggestions, and even praise through this feedback system.

5. The support –

The learners can ask any question or seek clarification of any doubt from the instructors 24/7. They are available to be contacted via video, audio, call, or email 24/7.

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