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Are Cloakroom Taps Different from Regular Bathroom Taps?

Olivia Oliver September 22, 2021

The cloakroom taps UK are similar to standard faucets but have smaller sizes. Their compact size makes them a perfect choice for use with smaller fixtures.  Cloakroom layouts and designs differ from your standard bathroom en-suites. They are small, compact, and therefore require similar types of fixtures to install. Whether it is a vanity, washbasin, or toilet, everything needs to be best suited for your cloakroom area. The same goes for water taps.

Before heading out to the market to buy the right cloakroom faucets, make sure you at least know the basics about them. This article will equip you with a general understanding of what type of faucets you should consider buying for the cloakroom. 

What is Cloakroom Taps UK?

At first glance, cloakroom taps UK may not appear as different from regular bathroom taps as you would expect. They rather come in smaller measurements to better fit the size of cloakroom fixtures. However, the compact design doesn’t mean you don’t have the luxury of choosing the design or theme of the taps. Like other bathroom taps, cloakroom faucets come in various designs and shapes in both modern and traditional outlooks. This allows you to choose the style of taps that match the cloakroom theme you are going with.

What Types Cloakroom Taps UK are Available. 

How to Install a Cloakroom Taps UK

We have already explained that the taps for cloakrooms are compact in size. But it does not mean that these are not beautiful, or you cannot use their aesthetics. These are perhaps similar to the standard faucets that can help you create both contemporary and traditional looks. When it comes to types of compact faucets. Then you would be happy to know that these are available in an extensive range and styles.

Although the range and availability of style are not extensive as you can find in the standard size faucets, you can still find the style or range that you are looking for. It will not be needless to say that you have compact faucets for almost every compact fixture available in the market. This includes taps for compact basins, worktop sinks, wall-hung vanity units, etc.   

How to Install a Cloakroom Taps UK?

The costs of hiring a plumber are a significant part of overall costs. Therefore, many people try to do it yourself their installation. 

You don’t need to hire a professional plumber to install that taps in your cloakroom as in a normal bathroom. If you know the ins and outs of basic plumbing and have confidence in your ability to fix things, installing cloakroom tap Set UK won’t be much difficult for you.

To start with, make sure you know the water pressure in your plumbing lines fits the description for the water pressure required for the taps you are fitting. The water pressure can be easily checked using a pressure gauge you can get from your nearest plumbing store.

Once that’s sorted out, the next step is to figure out whether you would need two separate taps or a mono basin mixer would suffice. Moving on, make sure to fit a new ring at the tail of the tap along with a couple of washers. Once put in place, tighten the screws below the tap using a wrench. Finally, restore the water flow to check for any leakages.

Final Words

Cloakrooms are a good addition to your bathroom. Not only do they add convenience, but they also help increase the worth of the property for the future. Surprisingly, designing a cloakroom does not require as much time, effort, and resources. Just make sure you put similar types of fixtures inside, especially the cloakroom faucets, for they add convenience and style to the room.

Are You Looking For Cloakroom Taps UK?

In this article, we explored various issues related to Cloakroom Taps UK. These are available in various styles and designs. So, you can easily choose and install them to create the desired look as per your wish. At Royal Bathrooms UK online store, we have all types of bathroom fittings and fixtures available for your makeover needs. 

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