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Are Period Panties Better than Pads?

alicesmith July 18, 2021

For an exceptionally long time, the only solution to periods was the disposable products like pads and tampons. However, women still felt uncomfortable because of the plastic materials used to make some of these products that cause irritation and discomfort especially when worn for long.

Therefore, companies came up with a better way to handle periods and soon there were numerous period panties brand like Hermoonful in the market. This brand keeps on improving their products to create something that offers total comfort to a woman during their period.

Why Period Panties Are Better

Period panties have proven to be better than pads or tampons in more ways than one. Here are a few reasons why more women prefer period panties today.

  • Reusable

One of the most significant reasons why period panties rank higher than pads is that they are reusable. A reusable product is better in so many ways. For example, there is less pollution when people use reusable products. Therefore, period panties are sustainable products and pads are not.

Another major benefit of reusing is that in the long run, the product makes more economical sense than the disposable one. Once you buy a period panty, you can wear and wash as many times as possible. Pads become useless as soon as you wear them, meaning you must keep buying for as long as you have periods.

  • Comfort

Period panties are made to look and feel like regular panties. The idea is to make you as comfortable as possible when you are on your period. The best leak proof panties will have various layers for protection and still be lightweight and seamless.

A pad will bulge and can be felt throughout the day. If you wear one for an extended period, the heat and the wetness could cause various bacterial infections. Wearing a period panty on the other hand almost feels like you are not wearing any protection.

  • Different Sizes

It is not all the time that you will find a pad size that fits you exactly the way you want. That is because pads can only be made in three different sizes, medium, large, and normal. For some brands, their small could be too small for you or their large too big for you.

With period panties, brands like Hermoonful sell them in the sizes of regular underwear. You can buy a period panty in the exact size of underwear you wear, making it comfortable and perfect for you. Every woman can find a panty in their exact size.

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