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Are You Seeking Custody of Grandchildren

johnmiller3413 February 23, 2021

Laws in many states permit grandparents to seek custody of their grandchildren. Sometimes other third parties can also get custody of a minor child. However, there must be a significant relationship with the child. Most importantly, the party seeking custody must protect the child’s welfare and safety. You need to hire a family law solicitor in Ealing to seek custody. 

Family law solicitors will help you in proving that this is in the best interests of the child. It is important to show that awarding custody to the biological parents can be detrimental. Your family law solicitor in Manchester is going to play the most important role as in such cases, courts award custody to parents even when they don’t have the required parenting skills. Such cases are challenging. The solicitor makes you aware of your chances of success and helps in improving them. 

Steps to Seek Custody of Grandchildren

You need to ensure that the child will be happy and safe in your custody. Also take biological parents into account. Before you file an action, figure out your chances of success. In case you don’t succeed, this will hurt the relationship between you and your grandchildren. 

What are Your Adversaries 

Are you challenging one or two biological parents? Is the biological father legally determined to seek custody? Is the biological father or mother fit for parenting the child? When you are challenging both biological parents, both must be served with a notice. Things get challenging here. Only an experienced and knowledgeable family law solicitor in Ealing can help you. 

What are Your Tactical Advantages 

Look for situations that can be in your favour. Take advantage of such situations. For example, due to some reason, biological parents cannot give the safety and care the child needs. Some of these situations include: 

  • Biological parent(s) are suffering from some mental illness.
  • Parent(s) is convicted of a crime. 
  • Parent(s) is arrested. 
  • Father/mother is a drug addict. 
  • Parent(s) is physically abusive         

The child does not have a good present and future in such situations if biological parents get custody. They are not fit for parenting. However, you also need to be fit for the job. 

Contact the Authorities 

If the child is exposed to neglect or danger, contact the authorities so that they can initiate an investigation. This investigation becomes an important record. However, you must not make false allegations. This will hurt your claims. 

What is the Right Time 

When both parents are incompetent and they are in the battle of the custody, you need to show that you have parenting skills without intervening in their current battle.

The most important step is finding the right family law solicitor in Chesterfield.

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