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Are You The Perfect Fit For A Career In Private Equity?

sharmaniti437 October 29, 2018

When planning a career in any industry, it is essential to find out all the prerequisite skills and qualifications required to succeed in that industry. These days, apart from the regular degrees and other skills, recruiters are also seeking something more from a candidate.  A candidate’s hunger to learn, and perform under any circumstance along with certifications is what recruiters seek in prospective candidate.

It is no different for private equity industry. The industry has really high standards for its candidates, thus making it a little difficult industry to crack, especially for fresher.

So how do you enter a private equity industry? What are the skills and experience you need to acquire before you get hired?  Don’t get bogged down by these questions, if you have planned to become a private equity professional.

Keep the eyes firmly on the goal and step-by-step with little hard work and patience you would get there. The firm is not quite choosy about the candidate’s educational background and other soft skills.

Skills Required To Become a Private Equity Professional

Let’s have a quick look at the skills and educational qualifications required that would make you an ideal choice of recruiters.

  1. Graduation in finance, accounting, statistics, mathematics or even economics from reputed college or an institute.
  2. Gain some relevant experience through internships in private equity firms or related finance firms.

The experience would really help you in cracking the entry barrier of private equity industry, because the hiring protocol of private equity is different in comparison to other profiles. So if you have had relevant experience and have picked up the ropes of trade quite well, you would get hired quickly in a PE firm.

You could also start your career as an investment banking analyst. The profile would help you prepare for the career in private equity industry.

Private Equity Certifications and Your Career

Certifications would only add to your credentials. Also, if with required skills and qualifications, along with necessary experience, you are armed with relevant certifications, then you would definitely become the first choice of the recruiters.

When going for certifications in Private equity, it would be ideal to choose a reputed certification body that is renowned in the industry. Private Equity certifications would help you proof guard your career from these three career spoilers

  1. Protection against layoffs
  2. Job security during recession
  3. Ensure you never miss a promotion

Like mentioned earlier, it is important to get certified from reputed certification bodies like Wallstreet Oasis, Coursera and of course United States Private Equity Council.

Each of these certification bodies are renowned and offer certification courses that are at par with the industry standards. So if you are planning a career in private equity ensure you are not only qualified but also have necessary skills, experience and certifications to make it big in the industry.

Remember, Private Equity industry is a relatively small industry and the employers/recruiters are seeking candidates who would be able to work independently on the clients. So if you are well qualified and experienced, you would be able to work in the industry without much difficulty.

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