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Choose Online Jerusalem Wall Décor and Judaica Paintings

artlevin January 4, 2022

Jerusalem paintings are very famous and most of the people know about them. But a lot of people do not know about its artist and how he got inspired to make these paintings. When the artist arrived in the city 30 years back, he was very impressed with it and immediately felt that Jerusalem would… Continue Reading »


Get The Best Experience About The Paintings of Jerusalem and Sukkah Murals

artlevin December 29, 2021

The masterwork artist Alex Levin elaborates about his experience at Israel which was 3 decades back. He was moved by Jerusalem and decided the city had a center of his work. He further says that Jews wanted to come back to their holy motherland but it was only after 1967 that they were able to… Continue Reading »


Sukkot: What Do You Need To Know About The Jewish Celebration?

artlevin December 10, 2021

The Shalosh regime refers to three biblical shrines. Sukkot is one of them. It’s a walled hut-like construction. It’s an agricultural event that began as a way of offering appreciation for the fruits and vegetables that had been harvested. Sukkot remembers the Jew’s 40-year perilous journey following their departure from Egypt. Sukkah is a makeshift… Continue Reading »


Paintings to Reflect The History of Jerusalem And The Life of The Jews

artlevin December 9, 2021

Jewish people and their history is very famous all over the world and it is also very popular in the world of art. People who are interested in art and who like to know about different places and things definitely know about Jerusalem and Jewish people. Succoth is a festival of the Jews and it… Continue Reading »


Things To Be Considered While Making Judaica Art And Colorful Rain Painting

artlevin September 1, 2021

Every art form has its specialties and weaknesses. Even though every art form presents refreshment and enthusiasm among people, it cannot be denied that some are not relatable to the modern world and get extinct with time and changing thoughts. However, some art forms are a perfect combination of ancient and modern thoughts & beliefs… Continue Reading »

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