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Find The Judaica Art And Colorful Rain Paintings

artlevin September 27, 2021

Judaica art encompasses a myriad of characteristics and virtues that take on more significant value over time. This type of art depicts life in Israel and how the inhabitants united in prayer to achieve goals in the land. The divine and the earthly were united in order to help each other to solve the daily… Continue Reading »


Jerusalem Pictures – Contemporary Art

artlevin September 20, 2021

Contemporary Jewish art is a very important subject in the field of art history, and in history in general. This theme encompasses a series of paintings that are a reflection of experiences, events, and emotions lived in certain eras that continue to maintain their essence through art. There are many paintings related to contemporary Jewish… Continue Reading »


Things To Be Considered While Making Judaica Art And Colorful Rain Painting

artlevin September 1, 2021

Every art form has its specialties and weaknesses. Even though every art form presents refreshment and enthusiasm among people, it cannot be denied that some are not relatable to the modern world and get extinct with time and changing thoughts. However, some art forms are a perfect combination of ancient and modern thoughts & beliefs… Continue Reading »


Two Most Beautiful Cities In The World: Jerusalem And Venice

artlevin August 30, 2021

Jerusalem has been a topic of interest for many artists. A lot of artists get fascinated by the city and make paintings on it. Jerusalem is known to be an ancient city in the world. Jerusalem pictures look so beautiful that a lot of artists who have not visited the city make paintings through those… Continue Reading »


Select The Judaica Art And Colorful Rain Painting

artlevin August 9, 2021

Judaica art holds a lot of value in the world of art. A large number of paintings have been made on the Jewish people and their lives. One very popular series of paintings is the Jewish life paintings. The Jewish life paintings is a series in which you can see everything about the Jewish people…. Continue Reading »


Venetian Art: A brief history

artlevin August 3, 2021

Venetia is famous for its wonderful art all around the world. Venetian art improved a lot during the early renaissance period in Italy like Florence and Rome. Unlike Florence and Rome, the Venetian Renaissance art was improved gradually as it was more of a stable place.  In Florence, most of the art was unfolded by… Continue Reading »

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