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How to make attractive pre-roll packaging?

jamesfranks December 2, 2021

Looking for practical tips that can help you design pre-roll packaging creatively to elevate your sales? Consider these points while designing. As the demand for CBD and hemp-based products and pre-roll joints is thriving, the product manufacturers hunt for the best packaging format available in the market that can help them. They want packaging that… Continue Reading »


Luxury Boxes for product, genius idea!

jamesfranks November 4, 2021

Luxury boxes are dynamic in providing consumers with an optimal brand experience level due to the superior feel and premium nature of such cases. Luxury boxes for the marketing of your premium quality items are the most effective ones in conveying your brand message to the consumers and developing better followership in the market. This… Continue Reading »


Why is Packaging the Need for Brand Promotion?

jamesfranks October 27, 2021

Curious to find out the reason behind the significance of pre-roll packaging? It not only serves to protect the products but also to promote the products in the market. Packaging is the primary protective medium for all sorts of products. But while dealing in CBD and hemp products. It is more like a complete package… Continue Reading »


The meaningful role of E liquid boxes in the CBD industry

jamesfranks October 4, 2021

E-liquid boxes provide companies with an opportunity to display and promote their e liquids in a professional manner. These play a vital role in the CBD industry. If your E-liquid boxes are not presentable and appealing, no matter how good your e liquids are, these will not sell in great numbers. The customers now prefer… Continue Reading »

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