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Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Printer?

printersupportplus August 23, 2021

Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Printer? The printer device problem is very frustrating sometimes. Especially once it started; it automatically affects your work productivity. Some common problems are either your printout will get stuck; your printer will slow down, continuously shows error etc. At this time, you thought of replacing your printer,… Continue Reading »


How do I Add my Canon Printer to my Computer?

printersupportplus August 19, 2021

How to Add my Canon Printer to my Computer? No doubt there are multiple brands of printers in the market; Canon is the first choice of users when it comes to getting that perfect print. Canon is widely known for its high-quality printing. In order to use the printer, the first step is how you… Continue Reading »


How Can I Clean My Brother Laser Printer?

printersupportplus August 18, 2021

How to Clean a Brother Laser Printer? Brother Laser printer is quite an efficient printer machine through which you can easily print photos and labels. But, when you use it over time, there will be issues like not printing like before, or you can see ink leakage and much more problems. It is recommended to… Continue Reading »


How do I Reset my Kodak Ink Cartridge?

printersupportplus August 16, 2021

The Best Way to Reset a Kodak Ink Cartridge If one’s Company’s Printer runs out of ink which will bring the Company’s productivity to a halt, and the Company also loses its productivity. Suppose Ink level and the program shows are incorrect. The wipes the Printer has and its internal memory and resets the ink… Continue Reading »


Brother Printer Connected But Not Printing Mac

printersupportplus August 13, 2021

How Can I Fix the Issue of Brother Printer Connected But Not Printing? Are you facing an issue regarding your Brother printer? Do you have a problem that your printer is not printing when connected to Mac? If your answer is yes for both these two questions, you need to apply some quick fixes to… Continue Reading »


What is a Hard Reset on a Canon printer?

printersupportplus August 5, 2021

How to do a Hard Reset on a Canon Printer? When using your Canon printer for a long time, the printer can jam or hang your document after some time. So, in this case, it becomes essential to reset your printer. You can reset your printer by using the power option, resetting the ink levels,… Continue Reading »


How to Zebra Label Printing Troubleshooting?

printersupportplus July 28, 2021

Seeing Zebra Label Printing Issue? Get Zebra Label Printing Troubleshooting Steps There are times when you might see Zebra Label printing errors while printing. This may happen due to any reason but majorly it appears because of an error in printer settings. So, if face such an issue, you don’t have to worry about it… Continue Reading »

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