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8 Serious Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

Davy Greene April 26, 2016

Having a website is mandatory if you wish to enjoy a successful business and promote your brand to your target buyers. However, it is also important that you know that the design of your website is important to attract potential clients. It is true that considering a website good or bad varies from person to… Continue Reading »


8 Ways How Hackers Attack Your Social Media Accounts

Davy Greene March 29, 2016

There was a time when we were worried about our official computers only from being hacked and tried to protect it so that our official confidentialities cannot be harmed at any cost. But now the scenario has changed a lot. Nowadays, people have to protect even their social media profiles because this has become the… Continue Reading »


Knowing PHP 7: Features and Benefits Explained

Davy Greene January 12, 2016

Since the past seven years, the PHP script has been ruling the programming world and enjoying unparalleled popularity amongst creative web developers. With the arrival of the latest version of this programming language, both website developers and owners are at the receiving end of significant benefits. Before the advent of PHP 7, web developers were… Continue Reading »


Utility of Silver Jewellery as a Modern Fashion Statement

Davy Greene October 29, 2015

Silver for long has been one of the most prolific of all metals. It is thought to be a great companion especially for women since ages. Both men and women across borders and territories love to wear silver ornaments that give them the much-needed gloss. The greatest attribute that silver provides is the perfect mechanism… Continue Reading »


Everything to Know About Black Akoya Pearls

Davy Greene September 25, 2015

Akoya pearls are a specific term used for saltwater pearls and the word ‘Akoya” is comes from the name of the oyster from which the beautiful pearl comes from. The Akoya pearls are mainly harvested in Japan and china where the mollusk Pinctada fucatamartensii is found. This is the scientific name of the Akoya oyster… Continue Reading »


The Hot New Trend of Pearl Jewellery

Davy Greene September 10, 2015

Pearls are epitome of timeless and classic beauty from the beginning of the time. But as the fashion changes every season, so does the accessories and the jewellery. Following the ups and downs of the trends, pearls have emerged as the hot choice for designers. Pearls are now not only known for the traditional princess… Continue Reading »


Different Shapes of the Mysterious Black Pearls

Davy Greene August 28, 2015

Black pearls are very rare pearls and have a deep glow which defines them. Tahitian Black pearls are most famous among all and a lot of qualities have to be looked through to select the perfect pearls among hundreds. The size, shape, thickness, luster are some of the features, which experts examine before making their… Continue Reading »


Make your jewellery collection unique with fluorite jewellery

Davy Greene August 14, 2015

Unique pieces of jewellery are often made by using exotic gemstone which gives a new dimension to the piece of jewellery. For characteristic pieces of jewellery with dedicated colours, fluorite is an upcoming choice in the new markets. Fluorite is made by mineral makeup which makes it very soft. The pliability of the gemstone makes… Continue Reading »


Seed Beads: The Perfect Beads for Jewellery Making

Davy Greene July 28, 2015

Seed beads resemble a plant seed in their shape and size and that is why they are called seed beads. Another more technical name for the same is Rocaille which means round. Types of Seed Beads Many diverse kinds of beads are present in the market, but most jewelers believe that the Japanese and Czech… Continue Reading »


Adorn Your Beauty with Fabulous Crystal Ornaments

Davy Greene July 17, 2015

Crystal ornaments have become the most loveable among women. Crystal earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery items look simply elegant. They not only adorn your beauty but also present you with a unique energy. Yes, it might seem a bit surprising but it is true. Different crystals have different properties and they affect a human… Continue Reading »

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