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6 super cool WhatsApp tricks that you should start using today:

Walterrichards February 5, 2021

In this technologically advanced world, everyone has an android phone in their hands, and everybody uses WhatsApp. Here are some cool WhatsApp tricks that you all should know about. Click here ( ) to have fun with Whats App. 1. Pin essential chats on the top:  There is always one chat box that we… Continue Reading »


Pros And Cons Of Gift Cards In 2020

Walterrichards November 24, 2020

Let’s be frank. Everybody loves to accept pay. But if we talk about events such as holidays, birthdays or festivals, handing a friend or family members an amount won’t show your gratitude to the fullest at times! In this case, you can go for something more thoughtful and get them gifted something they may need… Continue Reading »


6 Of The Best Wifi Routers For Every Budget

Walterrichards November 17, 2020

Apart from our daily needs, the internet has similarly become an integral part of our daily needs, no doubt. From gaming to entertainment and from shopping to working, everything needs the Internet connection now. In this pandemic ( COVID-19), the internet has proven how crucial it is.  Now 9 to 5 hours have changed into… Continue Reading »


5 Types Of People Who Should Avoid Using Credit Card At All Costs

Walterrichards October 6, 2020

Paying with a credit card is simple, right? Yes, because we’ve been doing it since the emergence of the era of the internet. A credit card enables cardholders to borrow funds that can be instantly used at a time of crisis. However, if one doesn’t have the proper knowledge of the usage, he might fall… Continue Reading »

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