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Automotive Repair Shop Phone Solutions

devarea October 13, 2020

Automotive Repair Shop Phone Solutions Virtual Phone Number provide your company with automotive repair shop solutions. We can provide services such as automated message delivery, call transfers, surveys, and much more.

Automated message delivery can be extremely helpful in the automotive business. The service can deliver a pre-recorded message to many customers at one time. Cloud Contact Center The system can be used to deliver maintenance reminders, scheduling and canceling appointments, warranty renewals, and even to let your customers know their vehicle is ready to be picked up. Automated message delivery can also be used to inform your customers of new products or services you offer or even vehicle recalls that require service.

You can chose from a number of features including message blasts, transfer capability, surveys, scheduling, and real time updates and data. 201 area code You will also have the ability to know when and how your message was received and even set up a different message to be delivered to voice mail boxes.

The service can feature call transfers, which allow your caller to press a button and be connected to a live representative. 832 area code The system even has the capability to count and limit the amount of transfers so as not to overwhelm the operator.

Your company may also like feedback on your customers’ experience with your business. You can easily provide multi question surveys for your customers to complete, with the customer’s responses determining the flow and order of the questions they receive.

Some notable features include the ability to select specific recipients, schedule call times to your customers to the second, view real time statistics on live vs. machine answering, using your own personalized caller identification information, and you can even receive data from your calls immediately via email.

Your company would simply need to provide us a list of customer telephone numbers and other pertinent client information. You can then immediately begin scheduling calls to be made to your customers. computerized telephone engines can place calls to a large list of contacts, for pennies per call. We guarantee that we can reach your customers faster and more efficiently than an actual person. We can make up to 100 calls in 5 minutes!

So, if you’re looking to reach more customers, cut back on costs of employing workers to place calls, or even introduce your company’s products or services to a mass audience, you may want to consider automated phone solutions for your automotive business.

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