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0 List of Banned Financial Institutions is Fake!

Ashish Kumar November 18, 2019

There are numerous websites over the internet that can be referred to while checking the credibility of a particular company or firm. However, out of these, only a few can offer you with the correct information that you are looking for. Most of these websites try to lure the people why making presenting information in such a convincing manner. Therefore, it is necessary that you only look over legitimate websites for information. Check the validity of the website and its rapport among the readers before drawing any conclusions.

One such website that should not be trusted is This website posted fake reviews about other companies in order to create a bad rapport in the minds of the customers. The website claims itself to be owned by the government which is completely false. Rather, it is privately owned and has only one objective to tarnish the image of companies. It takes the name of International Banking Supervisory Board to convince people that the information they post is real. There is no proof or evidence regarding this.

The website tries to post information in such a manner that it makes anyone believe that it is legitimate and not fake. Be it the graphics posted on the website to support the information, everything is done to lure a reader and make him believe that everything is real. People who are actually in search of information related to a specific company or firm often get trapped when they come across the website.

This website names a few financial institutions stating not to work with these. However, it does not give any sort of conclusive evidence as to why not to work with these financial institutions. Also, it calls them banned financial institutions which is not true. There is no valid proof that is presented by the website to make a claim regarding mentioning the websites as fake.

It is advised not to believe the website and the information that is displayed on it right now and in the near future. There is a possibility that the website will post similar such sort of false claims. These should not be paid attention to and should be ignored. The website just posts the names of the financial institutions and the owners, however, it doesn’t post any valid claims that suggest they are fake. is an example of one such website that spreads false information over the internet. The main objective of the website is only to spoil the image of financial institutions by calling them fake. There is a possibility that similar websites might be also functional that spread a wrong word about legitimate financial institutions. It is recommended not be believe these kind of websites and only follow the review of websites that are from a valid and notable source. Also, it is necessary to check as to how long a website that posts claims about financial institutions is functional. This would enable you to only go to websites that are legitimate.


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