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Basics of Hydrostatic Testing Services for Pipelines in Okolona, MS

alinabeths February 11, 2021

Industrial firms are faced with some doubts when seeking high-pressure hydrostatic pressure testing services in Okolona, MS. Testing of this kind is vital to ensure safe and efficient manufacturing, refining, storage, and transportation of industrial goods. Not using the appropriate methods can be an immense risk for its productivity and financial solvency. Components need to be tested for strength and leaks. Nobody wants to be held responsible for a serious injury to a member of their workforce because of faulty safety testing!

Two popular hydrostatic testing methods

The most popular method used for leak testing in pipelines, boilers, gas cylinders, fuel tanks, and other pressure vessels is hydrostatic testing. Companies offering these services in Okolona, MS, have different methods for conducting hydrostatic testing. The methods include purging the system contents and filling it with water to create a static pressure at standard operating pressure or higher. The system is carefully inspected for visible and measurable leaks or deformations.

Fluorescent or tracer dyes are added to the water to enhance visual inspection accuracy by some vendors for hydrostatic pipeline testingservices in Okolona, MS. Several types of flaws can be identified by technicians using this process.

  • Crack-like anomalies which are linear.
  • Corrosion cells that are active.
  • Weld integrity or flange fittingis improper.
  • Seam flaws exist in the material.
  • Stress corrosion cracking (SCC).

Almost always, hydrostatic testing involves pressurizing the pipeline or vessel above its standard operating pressure, which has the benefit of ensuring more confidence in the system’s serviceability. To reduce the risk of testing failure, prior to conducting hydrostatic testing, pipelines and other systems should undergo in-line inspection.

Services for an appropriate method of conducting hydrostatic testing in Okolona, MS, depends on the size and complexity of the system being tested. Let’s look at two popular ways from amongst many.

Water jacket testing: Filling water in a small pressure vessel, then placing it inside a test jacket (a test chamber filled with water). The vessel is pressurized to measure the volume of water displaced from the test jacket when the vessel expands. This activity is required both when under pressure and after being depressurized. Vessels that are unfit for use show a high percentage of expansion and/ or notable difference between their permanent and under-pressure growth.

Direct expansion testing: The services offered by the vendor for this type of hydrostatic testing in Okolona, MS, is similar to the water jacket method. It involves measuring a vessel’s unpressurized volume, which is done by pressurizing a vessel by forcing water into it. The amount of water expelled from the fully depressurized vessel is measured. This method is less accurate though it shows the same measurements as water jacket hydrostatic testing (percentage of permanent and under pressureexpansion).

Two other hydrostatic testing services known in Okolona, MS, are the ‘proof pressure’ and ‘pressure recession process.’Proof pressure testing generates information about existing leaks and wall thinning that canbe a reason for failure down the line.The pressure recession process is combined with a visual survey of the pressurized system to pinpoint thinning and/ or deformation of the vessel walls.

Ensure hydrostatic testing is budget-friendly and purposeful

Among the many services offered by Mississippi’s top vendor for hydraulic and hydrostatic repairs is hydrostatic testing for pipelines in Okolona, MS, and other locations. With their commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, you can be assured of the most reliable testing and carefully measured outcomes. The family-run business uses testing methods that comply with the standards set by industry-specific and governmental regulatory agencies. They are capable of hydrostatic testing to 60,000 PSI with adjustable pressure settings.

Hydrostatic testing is best suited for identifying irregularities in materials originating during their casting and welding. These flaws can be thinning/ shrinkage, gas pinholes, cracks, ductile tears, and more. Finding the correct solution is essential to prevent accidents that can injure workers or cause loss of a payload,affecting profitability and returns on the money invested.

As one of the few vendors in the region to offer on-site services for various solutions, their services are very reliable. Schedule an activity for them, and you can expect them to be punctual and looking forward to starting the hydrostatic testing. With a small budget for marketing, their services are affordable, as they rely on word-of-mouth advertising rather than fake customer testimonials. Their work’s quality is exceptional and always closely monitored by the family that started the business in Okolona, MS.

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