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Be Aware of the Emergency Veterinary Clinics Near You For Your Pet!

johnmiller3413 February 11, 2021

Owning a pet can be quite overwhelming, but it brings along a lot of responsibilities. Pets become a crucial part of the family, and it is the responsibility of the owner to keep up with their health and safety. Regularly visiting a veterinary clinic can make you aware of the potential diseases your pet may have and prevent those beforehand. Additionally, various veterinary clinics provide preventive health care plans for your pets and make you aware of the diet, vaccinations, medications, and much more about your pet. If your pet is in the early stage of a disease, visiting an emergency veterinary clinic near you can diagnose the whole situation and prevent further suffering. Apart from your pet’s physical well-being, you must also take care of their mental and emotional health to keep them healthy and happy. 

Check out the various situations listed below in which your pet may require emergency care: 

Indigestion or Diarrhea

You must be aware of a 24-hour veterinary service clinic in case your pet suddenly starts to vomit or pass loose stools. It may occur due to eating some inappropriate food or may also be an underlying condition that should be treated right then. Diarrhea or indigestion sometimes become life-threatening due to the sudden deficiency of essential fluids from the body. 

Consuming Foreign Objects

Pet are known to swallow anything and everything that comes in their way. They may consume inedible items such as rocks, toys, etc., that can cause serious damage to their intestinal tract and stomach, causing inflammation and much more. Some conditions caused due to consuming foreign objects can be fatal or require immediate surgery for their removal. Therefore, Keeping in touch with a 24-hour emergency vet clinic saves you from sudden anxiety when your pet is in extreme pain.

Traumatic Injuries

Apart from the physical damage or pain, pets may also go through traumatic injuries such as the trauma of being hit by a car. Such types of accidents require an emergency vet visit as your pet may have sustained the accident but must be handled correctly by a professional vet. 

Breathing problem

Your pet may face a sudden obstruction while breathing, requiring a vet on an emergency basis to get diagnosed properly. Breathing difficulty can be caused due to asthma, pneumonia, lung infections, windpipe blockage, heart diseases, aur any other causes that shall be handled immediately. If you notice your pet coughing heavily or breathing rapidly, visit a nearby emergency veterinary clinic immediately.

Eye Infections or Injuries

Pets having prominently exposed eyeballs such as pugs are prone to eye infections or injuries. If you witness excessive discharge or redness in your pet’s eyes or they are trying to rub their eyes, again and again, take them to a veterinary clinic right away.

Accidents can occur anytime, anywhere, hence you must be aware of vets open on Sundays to avoid any risks!

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