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Benefits of Pomegranate Peel Extract

Anna Aamone February 12, 2015

Pomegranates remain one of those wonders of the nature that had been a symbol of abundance and prosperity in many cultures. The literal translation that comes from French is “seeded apple” and although many people still find this fruit a bit strange,due to its peels, it has definitely proven its diverse applications in many spheres. Pomegranate is well known for its antioxidant content and also for the excellent amount of the vitamin C that it contains.


Extracts from pomegranate have been used for many years in the traditional medicine against a wide range of inflammatory diseases and other infections, however, only few of us have thought about the magic that hides in the pomegranate peel extract. You will be amazed of the health benefits of the pomegranate peels – they are greatly used for different purposes and in this article TenancyCleaners Putney will give you the chance to learn more about their healing properties.

Excellent Tool Against Heart Diseases

Thanks to the fact that pomegranate peels possess high amount of antioxidants, they can effectively protect the LDL cholesterol against the oxidation. When the LDL cholesterol oxidation is higher, it can significantly contribute to the developing of some heart-related diseases. However, the peels of the pomegranate can really help you to block this process by supplying your body with the right amount of antioxidants.

Excellent Cure for Coughs and Sore Throats

It has already been proven that pomegranate peels have excellent effect on the relieving of the cough. It is usually used as a powder, combined with water for making gargles. The sore throats are effectively healed thanks to the magic properties of the peels.

A Powerful Weapon Against Wrinkles

According to many researches the peel extracts of pomegranate may also become a powerful weapon against wrinkles. When combined with seed oil, the peels help for the prevention of the enzymes that destroy the collagen. Furthermore they encourage the growth of the skin cells in a natural and excellent way.

Great Detoxifying Properties and Abundant in Vitamin C

Due to the higher amount of antioxidants, the pomegranate peels are excellent tool for detoxifying of the whole body. They can effectively fight against the toxic agents and what is more, they are rich in vitamin C. Instead of buying vitamin C from the drug store, you can ensure natural take in, thanks to this wonderful fruit. This vitamin plays major role in the maintenance of the bones and cartilage as well for the healing of the wounds.

Protecting and Moisturising of the Skin

The moisture in your skin is protected from drying, if you use products that are rich in extracts from pomegranate peels. Thanks to the ellagic acid that is found in the peels, your skin could be hydrated in a wonderful way. Apart from this, pomegranate peels can protect the skin from the UVA and UVB sun rays that are traditionally known for being harmful and dangerous.

These are some of the benefits of the pomegranate peel extract. Even if you are not a fan of the alternative medicine, you can try its amazing properties, whenever you want to protect your skin or to use it as an alternative method for fighting against various diseases. There is no wonder why pomegranates have been used by the Babylonian soldiers for receiving strength before their battles. Before eating this unique fruit, do not forget to clean and wash it in an appropriate way. After that you can enjoy the pleasant taste of the pomegranate peels and to supply your body with an excellent amount of vitamins in an easy way.

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