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Best Education: Expectations vs. Reality

nidhi.tyagi January 25, 2021

The best kind of education is the one where both teaching and learning processes are aligned and contribute to the growth of not only the students but teachers as well. A lot of teachers or students face this gap between their respective expectations and reality. This is what we are going to talk about in this article. 

Schools in Ras Al Khaimah have been working tirelessly to bridge this gap just like other good educational institutions across the world. Let us take a look at the best education: expectations vs. reality. 

First of all, let us understand a few simple yet overlooked things. 

The Expectation 

One of the most challenging things for teachers and students is the degree of involvement of parents. They are expected to be the most supportive elements for a student’s overall development. However, the situation differs from one parent to the other. The trouble begins when parents are either over-involved, under-involved, or too oblivious.

The Reality 

If parents put too much pressure on their children or do not take up any responsibility, the children are bound to be on the receiving end. Students are taught to share and care. The same goes for the constant teamwork that comprises three parties- students, parents, and teachers. Obviously, there is no universal solution to the teaching-learning obstacles, but the least we can do is try to strike a balance between the three parties. The schools in RAK Academy focus on maintaining a healthy balance between the three and try to gather equal support and efforts. 

Let us study how the students, parents, and teachers can focus and work on some common grounds. 

  • Focus on the key themes of the lessons 

Making the student learn everything is not going to be possible. Thus, the teachers must take extra effort to dig out some big and important ideas for their students as well as the parents. The classroom syllabus will stay in their minds only until they write their year-end exams. However, teaching them the key themes from every lesson will help them grow up to become good citizens. That is why moral education in the UAE is given quite a lot of importance. 

  • Recognise And Reward the Students’ Efforts & Initiatives 

Both teachers and parents need to realise that winning is not the ultimate goal of our lives. Learning to take initiative, take efforts, and try to accomplish a goal are more important than winning something. Thus, as a responsible part of the children’s upbringing, they both must focus on recognising and rewarding the student’s efforts & initiatives. While some educational institutions do offer a few words of consolation, it would be better if the students are praised with better words and small rewards. 

  •  Let them choose for themselves 

Teachers in their training period are taught progressive and valuable lessons these days. However, implementing those lessons in the classroom can get a little difficult with so many students with all kinds of choices, mental abilities, and other skill sets. Thus, it is important for the teachers, parents, and the students themselves to choose their battle on their own. Schools in the RAK Academy focus on nurturing the skills and confidence of their students from a very young age. They believe that students can be involved in the good and confidence-boosting practices only when they are given the space to choose for themselves. 

  • Leave no space to get discouraged 

 We are talking of a mission that involves students, teachers, parents, and even society to a significant extent. The major reason behind nurturing students in all aspects is to make them better and responsible citizens of the nation. Hence, it becomes even more important to remain positive and hopeful for achieving good results. All three need to leave no space to get discouraged. Instead, teamwork will make the dream work. 


We know that education has never been an easy task. However, for the time being, we can focus on bringing in good, sensible, and positive changes within the education system and its methods of execution. This will only be possible when everyone within an educational organisation will focus and work for the bigger goal- the goal of making students prepared for life and its challenges.  

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