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Best Effective Way to Do Scotch Guarding and How Does it Works ?

jacklenlarry August 6, 2021

The most common fallacy about Scotch guard, is the idea that despite relentlessly abusing carpets and furniture, adding fabric protection will keep them brand new looking. This is simply not the case, even with scotch guard, persistent maltreatment of furniture and carpets will show wear and tear. Fabric protection products will protect your furniture and carpets and prolong the showing of deterioration, but it’s not bulletproof.

Role of Scotch Guarding  

People think of cleaning their carpets and furniture, they often consider whether they should have Scotch Guard applied as well. Stain protection for your furniture and carpets is a wise decision, however most people have a misconception about stain protection products. Let me explain the mechanics of the product for all of those people wondering, “How does Scotch Guard work”?

Carpet is one of the major decorative items in your house. Whether it is loose-laid or a wall-to-wall, you have to keep it in good condition for enhancing its durability. You have to use protective strategies from the time of its installation. Taking proper care of your carpet is important as weather, dirt, furniture, spills or foot traffic may cause damage to it. Therefore it’s essential for you to know the tips for cleaning and protecting your carpet.

Prevent from any kind of Stain

This technology is intended to prevent stains, dirt, and grime from penetrating the fibers of your carpet or furniture. The chemical is safe and extremely effective when applied correctly with the accurate measurements and techniques. What does that mean? If you buy a can of Scotch guard obviously, the strength of that product is not the same as what they provide to professionals. The reason the concentration is so much lower is simple, the company does not want to pay to replace furniture and carpet for every disgruntled customer who decides to apply more than is recommended because they think their carpets need more protection.

Cleaning Tips

Try to vacuum your carpet from its front to the back side. You can use any vacuum cleaner for this purpose. This will help you to remove dust, dirt as well as food debris hidden in your floor covering. You can wear rubber gloves for the sake of cleaning which will help you to protect your hands. After making the surface of your rug dirt free, try to dip a sponge in warm water. Add a few drops of mild detergent on that sponge for removing stubborn stains on the surface of your rug.

Method and Helpful Instructions of Applying

You can apply gentle pressure to take out the stain. However keep away from rubbing the stain. It is because the stain can go deep into the fibers of your rug. This technique of cleaning works only for stains that are water soluble. However if you want to get rid of non-water soluble stains, you have to use products that are specifically meant for removing stains in carpet. You can get these products in various grocery stores. While you are using the stain removal product, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer for avoiding damage to your rug. In order to rinse away the remaining soap residue, you have to blot your rug with a dry and soft white cloth. Finally you have to make your rug dry before stepping on it.

Protecting Tips

You also have to find out ways for protecting your floor covering after making it clean. You have to restrict the shoe contact in your rug. Remember that lesser will be the contact of your carpet with the shoe, the better will be your chance of keeping it clean. It also holds good for food as well as beverages. Therefore if you keep your rug away from stain causing agents and dirt, it will stay clean for a long time.

If you want you can also apply a sealant in preventing stain like Carpet Protector or Scotch Guarding . This will help to protect your carpet fibers from future stain. You can check with your carpet manufacturer in order to be sure that whether such preventive sealants are apt for use or not. You should closely follow the instructions of the manufacturer while using sealants for preventing stains. Try to apply the sealants in an airy space. Make your rug dry by turning on fans or by opening windows. However you should avoid walking over your rug until it has dried out completely.

Choosing your carpet protection

Check out these tips for cleaning and protecting your rug. Buy the best carpet protection from a reputed online store and spruce up your home in a sparkling way.

  • If the product is applied properly, it will create a protective shield that repels liquid, dirt and grime, thus giving you the time you need to clean the spills and prevent stains.
  • If you spill red wine for instance, and the carpet does not have Scotch Guard, you will see the carpet turn a pink color as the wine absorbs into the fiber.
  • If you spill that same glass of wine and your carpet is Scotch Guard protected, you will see the wine bead up and remain on top of the carpet.
  • By repelling the liquid, you can run and grab some paper towel, apply it to the spill and let the liquid absorb into that, rather than your carpet.
  • Let’s say you spill the wine and you have Scotch guard, but you decide to leave the wine and not clean it up because you have stain protection, it could eventually set in.
  • The purpose of Scotch guard is to give you the time you need to prevent a stain.  
  • The problem is some people think because they have carpet protection they never have to clean their carpets again. These are usually the people who are disappointed with the results.

Daily Proper Maintenance

Maintenance of hygiene is one of the most eminent yet exhausting chores that no time is left from busy routines. In both urban and suburban lifestyles incorporate a ton of daily requirements regarding jobs, kids, food, and running tasks. In all of this, it is hard to extract out time to spend on cleaning the house especially the carpet cleaning every day. This ignorance leads to the embedding of dirt and bacteria that can lead to disease and turn it into a huge mess, which is really hard to tackle in the long run. Also, continuous scrubbing and washing do not only take up several days of exhaustion but also roughen up the fabric shine.

Reliable Benefits of Scotch Guarding

The other fantastic benefit of Reliable Scotch Guarding is the prevention of wear patterns in the carpet. If you have ever looked closely at peoples carpets you can usually see where they walk most often. The carpets in high traffic areas often discolor from wear and tear. The protective shield of the Scotch Guard prolongs the beauty of those areas and prevents the carpet from discoloring as quickly. However, as I have mentioned earlier the product is not bulletproof, even though it prevents the carpet from discoloring the constant rubbing and pressure on the carpet does flatten the fibers in high traffic areas. The high traffic areas with Scotch Guard stay new looking much longer than without, but again don’t expect miracles, although Scotch Guard is a great product it isn’t magic.

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