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Best Essential Oils to Lessen Anxiety

Anna Aamone January 30, 2015

When struggling with everyday problems, people often feel depressed and frustrated due to a wide range of reasons. Whether it comes to issues in work or to the common pressure, caused by the duties in home, people start feeling anxious and upset from time to time. They often turn to psychiatrists for decreasing the level of anxiety and for searching an answer to their problems. Nowadays, however, there exist very alternative ways in which you could lessen the anxiety and to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

essential oils

The essential oils have become a widespread way to fight against anxiety, thanks to the powerful effect that they have on humans’ mood and emotions. Despite the fact that more serious cases of depression and anxiety could not be cured without a combination of several methods, the essential oils can really contribute for removing of the stress and pressure from our mind and body.

It is very important to choose the essential oils that really appeal to you, and more particularly, the scents that will help you to feel the comfort and relaxation in an immaculate way, PerfectCleaning Morden say.

Here is a list of the most suitable essential oils that will definitely lessen the stress and anxiety and that will help for the complete cleaning of the negative thoughts:


Lavender has been traditionally preferred by many people due to its attractive and pleasant scent. When you suffer from anxiety and depression, the lavender scent can really have calming effect on your body and mind. It could be added to the bath water as well as to the deodorant or perfume. It has proven its beneficial influence for problems with sleep, headache and nervousness


The essential oil from bergamot has proven its qualities for relieving the stress and anxiety in an excellent way. Its amazing scent, resembles that of the orange and helps for the thorough relaxation of your body. According to many studies the bergamot essential oil, combined with vanilla tends to be effective cure for the treatment of anxiety.


Frankincense is said to be the King of essential oils and it has soothing effect on your body and mind. It contributes for the removing of the nervous tension and stress from your mind as well as for keeping your inner balance undisturbed, whenever you experience severe anxiety. One or two drops of it are more than enough to diffuse on the back of your neck. For better effect you can combine the frankincense with essential oil from lavender.

Wild Orange

Wild orange is also considered one of the most effective essential oils that help you to overcome the depression and panic in an easier way. It will make your body feel relaxed and free of the accumulated anxiety during the day.

How to Use the Essential Oils To Lessen the Anxiety?

If you want to use the essential oils effectively, you had better choose among the following methods:

  • Inhalation – the essential oils could be inhaled if you put a few drops of them into your hands. After that you need to take deep breaths, while approaching your hands towards your nose. The scent of the essential oil will help you to reduce the stress.
  • Diffusion – you can diffuse the essential oil during the whole day as well as at night, in your bedroom. For the purpose, supply yourself with a diffuser or put a few drops of the essential oil on your pillow.
  • Massage – when you want to feel your body relaxed from the daily stress there isn’t better alternative than supplying it with a high quality massage, combined with the pleasant scent of your essential oil.

These are some of the most effective essential oils that will contribute for the reducing of stress and anxiety. Choose the one that most appeals to you and try it as an alternative method for getting rid of the stress.

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