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Best man’s speech: funny or serious

Anna Aamone January 20, 2015

The best man is certainly one of the key figures in every wedding. His speech also plays a central role in the ceremony and it can really lighten up the mood when necessary. There is always one question which is troubling almost every best man, and that’s whether he should give a funny or a serious speech. This is an important decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Every wedding is different and all factors have to be taken into considerations, mostly the type of audience in front of which will be given the speech. The qualities of the best man are also important, so as you can see you have a lot of things to think about.


Nothing ruins a wedding like an inappropriate speech and that it why the importance of the best man’s speech shouldn’t be underestimated. Being a best man in a wedding can be very stressful because you know that people expect a lot from you and they want to see you present yourself in the best way. The problem with the funny and the serious speech comes from the fact that there are a lot of people at the wedding and they all have their own expectations. If you start thinking about what every single one of the guests wants, you will drive yourself crazy. So, better focus on the preferences of the Bride and the Groom. After all, this will be their special day and you will be doing your speech in their honour.

The funny speech usually seems like the easier choice, while the serious one could be a little bit more complicated. Therefore, it might be best to stick to the first one because, after all, this is a joyous occasion which everyone should enjoy. What is a wedding really without a little fun? So, roll up your sleeves and start writing your funny speech. Here are some pros and cons presented by city house cleaners which will help you determine whether this is really the type of speech for you, as well as some tips on how to write and present it.

  • Pros of writing a funny speechProbably the biggest pro of giving a funny speech is the lightening of the mood. Some people consider a wedding to be a serious ceremony but with your funny speech this will certainly change. Instead of making people cry with some serious thoughts about life, you can make everybody laugh. This is certainly the better option because the Bride and Groom will enjoy it more for sure. Weddings can be very stressful too, especially with all those relatives in one place. You can take the edge off by giving a nice speech which will make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves.
  • Cons of the funny speechThe main problem with the funny speech is that not all of the guests have the same sense of humour. You might discover that while one part of the people are laughing really hard on your jokes, the other is staring confused. Some best men like to tell embarrassing stories about the Groom, and while this could be funny for the guests, it could be very inappropriate in case there are children. You have to consider things carefully because people could get offended easily even from an innocent joke.
  • Useful tipsIf you still think that the funny speech is the one for you, then use these tips when you start writing. The most important rule is to come up with your speech yourself. Don’t look for jokes on the Internet or somewhere else because every wedding is different. The jokes you tell must be appropriate for all ages, so you can read it to different people when you are done to see how they’ll react. Make sure that your speech has a good beginning but mostly focus your efforts on the strong ending.

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