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Best Monsoon Treks in India You Should Do In Rainy Season

[email protected] December 15, 2020

Whenever we think about monsoon, some things never leave our minds.

Like the smell of wetland, mist, hot cup of tea, or some long drives. But monsoon is not just about the lower ground activities but it can also be the fun of higher grounds.

Coming monsoon, fill your hot ginger tea in a thermos and get ready to be on an adventurous trek.

For your family and friends, we have listed some exciting monsoon treks that you cannot miss.

Short treks 

  1. Harishchandraghat trek

North India is famous for many dangerous and scenic treks. But hold your horses for this amazing trek in the Western Ghats!

For a trekker, this challenging trek in Maharashtra is the perfect monsoon- weekend package.

Starting from the base of Ahmednagar, this is a trek will take you through a green journey.

But, what should be expected at the top of this trek is the famous hill fort. And especially during monsoon, one can encounter the clouds.

A cup of tea, sunset, monsoonal winds, and scenic beauty is what makes this trek a must-visit activity.

Altitude: 4690 ft

Duration: 2 days

Nearest spot: Kasara railway station

  1. Bhrigu lake trek

Must to do trek for those who believe in something magical! Bhrigu lake, situated in the trek state of Himachal Pradesh is just the thing.

During this trek, you will find yourself in a Bollywood movie or totally surprised. 

Surrounded by meadow and covered with grassland, this lake is famous for changing colors.

During monsoon, the frozen lake starts looking like a tortoise blue-green colored lake.

The mountains of Pir panjal and Dhauladhar will be catching your attention as the monsoon clouds try to hide them.

The green meadows, dark clouds, and enchanting Bhrigu lake are a must-try monsoonal trek.

Altitude: 14,000 ft

Duration: 4 days

Nearest spot: Manali

Medium treks

  1. Valley of flowers

A unique addition to travel memories is the unique trek of a UNESCO world heritage site. 

The colorful and lush greenery valley make this trek some of the most beautiful treks of India.

For the daredevils, this trek can be the first thing to do when the monsoon arrives. Like many North Indian treks, this trek is also challenging and exciting.

Following the natural beauty, the monsoon becomes the perfect time to roam around the alpine cliffs.

A difficult trek with the landscapes and a unique chance of passing Hemkund Sahib marks this trek out of ordinary.

One can also spot many enduring species of flora and fauna. The all-around and colorful valley will surprise you but be prepared for the journey. 

Altitude: 14,400 ft

Duration: 6 days

Nearest spot: Rishikesh

  1. Markha Valley Trek

The biggest valley of Markha valley is the heaven on earth. Along with trekking one can enjoy sightseeing. 

For professional trekkers, this place can be another home in the North. Climbing the longest trail, this trek will give you awe-inspiring views.

What makes this the unmissable trek is the beauty itself. On some of the cleaned and clear sky of monsoon, one can also notice the Tibet region and various valleys. 

Located in Jammu, this trek will take you through the famous national park of Hemis.

Plan for monsoon and witness the new colors in nature. 

Altitude: 17,100ft

Duration: 9 days

Nearest spot: Ladakh

  1. Kanamo Peak Trek

Here we have the highest peak for your monsoon trekking. The best thing about this trek is that it doesn’t pamper the professionals only.

‘The white lady’, or Kanamo peak situated in Spiti valley is an adventure on its own. 

Set your camp at the height of the horizon and watch the sunrise with a hot cup of tea. But the cost of the beauty of nature comes with a difficult trail.

Loose rocks and the rising altitude might give you thin breaths but the goosebumps will be worth it when you reach the top.

When planning for the monsoonal adventures, do not miss the Spiti valley tour on its own. The anatomical view will encourage trekkers to some sightseeing.

One should be ready for the longest trek of 10-12 km which might take 12-14 hours to cover. 

Altitude: 19,553 ft

Duration: 9 days

Nearest spot: Manali

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