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Best Practices in Content Marketing

J. Gordon October 1, 2021

Keep it simple and concise

There’s a lot of content out there these days, so the more interesting your content is, the more likely you’ll be able to keep someone’s attention. You want to make it easy for people to find your content- that means making sure you’re clear about what you’re writing about.

Make sure you know exactly who your audience is before writing anything. What are their interests? Which topics do they struggle with most? How can you make them laugh or learn? Make sure they see it! If you don’t know who your audience is, look at where they spend their time online. Are they on Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat?

Do some research on Google Analytics if need be! Don’t forget that social media has made everyone an expert in something or other- just keep in mind that just because someone says something, doesn’t mean it’s true! I love being active on social media because I love connecting with people from around the world, but just remember that not everything posted online should be taken as fact. You have to verify things yourself before putting them out there!

Once all this is figured out, start working on a plan of action for how long/when/where/who will post this information. I was the first to discover the niche markets in my area. I was one of the first people to post pictures of them on Facebook and Snapchat. Because of that, I had a loyal following right off the bat. Not everyone is going to be as lucky as me, but just remember that it’s not always about how many followers you have- it’s about how interesting your content is!

Be consistent!

Once you figure out what your niche is for social media posts, make sure you stick with it! Consistency is key in this industry- if there are too many different voices or opinions floating around at once, people get confused and start getting annoyed by all the noise. You want to be memorable for something! In order for that to happen though, you need to stick with a specific style/tone/manner of writing so that your voice stands out from others’.

Once again: consistency = success in this business. Make sure everything looks cohesive and connected when posting on social media- otherwise people will think they’re being spammed or scammed or something similar. If this happens enough times while dealing with customers online, they’ll stop listening altogether because why bother? They don’t want harassment from some random person on the internet who won’t leave them alone just because they have an opinion about something relating to their business(es). Keep track of everything posted by yourself and any team members so that nothing falls through the cracks while keeping up with deadlines set forth by clients/yourself etc.

Don’t let the trolls get you down!

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes people make. No one wants to be trolled/harassed/bullied, but unfortunately there are some people who don’t know any better. You can avoid these kinds of experiences by keeping your cool and staying calm in every situation. I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences with content marketing because it’s a little bit tricky to keep up with sometimes, but I’ve learned how to handle them without getting upset. If someone says something rude or hateful towards you online, just remember that it’s not about YOU personally- they’re just trying to get a reaction out of you so they feel better about themselves or for whatever reason they might have had that thought come into their head.

I hope this information is helpful for anyone who reads it. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them! Thank you to everyone who has read my articles up until now- I hope they’ve been enjoyable and educational.

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