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Best Services for Website Monitoring in various ways

Vinersome September 5, 2021

If you’re working as a webmaster, then you know for sure that website monitoring is the staple of your work and it must be under your total control 24/7. But you also should understand that it will eat up a lot of your time if you will be doing it in a conventional old-fashioned way. Keeping that in mind, you will surely want to find yourself something complex, useful and reliable to replace all separated tools you use on a daily basis. A good toolkit will be a gamechanger for you, and nowadays you have a variety of those to choose from.

One of those useful services around the Internet is Netumo and it allows its users to utilize all basic website monitoring tools. Those tools are automated, well-built and have a built-in notification system which can work with various messaging platforms and even with Twitter and Facebook. This toolkit is primarily designed to provide all vital website monitoring services and will be good for novice webmasters and non-professional users who want to save budget and avoid hiring a professional for website monitoring.

One more service to notice is Host Tracker that is a complex of various checks and tests which will replace any general purpose manual routine any webmaster can handle. On top of that, this service has some additional tools like server monitoring and its precautionary failsafe rebooting before notifying a webmaster in case of troubles. In addition, it can search for a designated website through the blacklists of various Internet service providers from different countries to allow a webmaster to deal with accessibility issues.

HostTracker website monitoring service review

Another monitoring platform is Monitis, but it has an unusual approach. All and all, it is a toolkit based on the TeamViewer software platform and designed  to deal with administrating corporate networks, as well as corporate end-user devices and specific corporate software, including providing updates for the latter. It is not primarily designed to monitor websites, but it can and will do so, and will be especially useful if you have a hosting server and full access to it and its software. But you will get the most out of its capabilities if you use it in an enclosed corporate infrastructure.

All three services are paid, but the subscription methods are quite different. Netumo can be used for free but with sufficient restrictions, Host Tracker has a free trial period before requiring payment, and Montis has no free offers and two separate subscriptions for internal network monitoring and website monitoring. Of course, all three services are relatively cheap compared to each other.

Concluding all of the above, Host Tracker is the best for webmasters who want to have the most versatile service at their fingertips for all of their website monitoring needs. It’s more useful than Netumo in terms of all-round website monitoring, and the latter won’t fit for professionals and won’t handle complicated tasks. And Montis is good for system administrators, but not for webmasters.

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