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Best Tea to Have With Dim Sum

yummyhouseflorida April 5, 2021

Are you one of those people who search for “Asian Chinese restaurant near me” when someone says, let’s go for some dumplings and then further refine your search by searching “Nearest dim sum restaurant”?

If yes, then you have landed on the right page, people often know what they want to order in a dim sum meal, but people often get confused about which tea to go for. Drinking tea while having dim sum is more of a ritual in Cantonese cuisine. Chinese often believe that a lot can happen over tea, like business deals, reconciling with family and friends, merrymaking, and reconnecting with your loved ones. While having dim sum, the go-to line is never “let’s have some dim sum and beer”; it is always “let’s have some tea along with dim sum.”

Tea is an important part of Cantonese cuisine, and it is reflected quite well in any restaurant across the globe serving Dim sum meal. When you walk into any Chinatown restaurant after searching for an “Asian Chinese restaurant near me” or ”Nearest dim sum restaurant,“ the first thing you will notice is a nice warm pot of tea filled with jasmine tea. You can either have it or order different tea from a variety of tea available in the restaurant.

Though you can have a variety of tea, there are 7 most sought-after tea flavors that we will disclose in this post. These types of tea are easily available in dim sum restaurants. All you have to do is ask.

Best teas to pair up with your dim sum meal

1.    Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is the basic tea that you will be served at any traditional Chinese restaurant. It has subtle flavors and is an okay choice to begin with. However, you must keep in mind that this tea does not match up with most of the flavors and fillings of dumplings. Usually, the jasmine tea is yellow in color and the jasmine aroma spread through your table.

2.    Black tea

Black tea or otherwise called “Bo Lay” in Chinese, is a perfect tea choice for someone looking for strong flavors and has ordered greasy fried dumplings. Some of the varieties of black tea are lapsang, Yunnan Black tea, etc. The tea has an earthy and rustic smell to it.

3.    Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea sits well with the steamed dim sum meal and is the best tea for health-conscious people. It is caffeine-free, an herbal tea made from fresh chrysanthemum flowers. It has subtle flowers, and you will immediately feel fresh after drinking this tea. The other name of this tea is “Guk Fa,” and it is the best tea to have after a long tiring day or weekend.

4.    The blended tea

In case you can’t decide which tea you want, if it’s Bo lay or Guk fa, you can always go for “Guk Bo.” Guk bo is a tea blend of black tea and chrysanthemum tea that has the benefits of both the tea. As Bo lay, it has a distinct and dominant rustiness mixed with the sweet taste and refreshing taste of Guk Fa. You can easily find this tea on the tables of many dim sum restaurants.

5.    White tea

White tea originated from the Fujian region and the Guanxi province of China. This tea has a bittersweet taste and is not the go-to traditional flavor, yet you can order it. White tea is called “Sau Mei” in Chinese.

6.    Green Tea

If you are not familiar with the different tea flavors and are scared to try new flavors, you should try the safest option. For beginners, green tea is the best. It gives you a sense of familiarity, is refreshing, and has an earthy feel to it. It is called “Luk Cha” in Chinese.

7.    Pleasant tea

If you are not a fan of tea and yet you have to order tea while having a dim sum meal, then this is your best go-to option. The reason behind this is that the pleasant tea is nothing but boiling water. Though people don’t order it, it is just a hack. During the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese boycotted tea; therefore, they came up with the idea of pleasant tea.

Tea is one of the best ways to connect with family and friends over a dim sum meal, instead of going for a beer and other food. The reason behind this is quite simple; no one wants to have a heartfelt conversation with family and friends while being hungover, right.

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