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Brighten Your Smile for Fall

lenardjohnson October 27, 2016

Fall is a wonderful time to brighten your smile and boost your confidence. With the holidays just around the corner and the hustle and bustle of back to school, change and excitement are all around you. Be ready for parties, and other social gatherings by taking the plunge to have your smile whitened, brightened and refreshed. If you’re new to teeth whitening, and curious about the process, you’ll likely have quite a few questions. Here are a few of the most common about the process and what it entails:


What Can It Do For Me?

The most common question dental professionals who perform whitening services, like the Smile Dental Care Centre in London, hear is: why should I whiten my smile? What can it do for me?

Brightening your smile is a purely cosmetic procedure; however, it can have major benefits to your everyday life. Having a bright smile can make you want to smile or laugh more frequently, since you are no longer insecure about your teeth. Smiling more just might make you more friends or give you more confidence to face challenges in your life. Additionally, people who smile or laugh more have been scientifically proven to lead longer, happier lives in general.

Finally, a bright smile can make you feel happier and more confident about the way you look. If you’re interested in the teeth whitening services at Smile Dental Centre, call their office up and speak to a representative for more information. Make your smile something that you’re proud of and let yourself feel dazzling for once.

How Is It Done?

The most common method used to whiten teeth takes place with a bleaching process specially designed for teeth. While at home bleaching kits are available, it is more effective to have it done by a dentist in their office. Many dentists use special bright lights to hasten the chemical reaction of the whitening gel, which not only makes treatments faster, but it can make them more effective as well.

Does It Hurt?

Absolutely not – tooth bleaching is a painless procedure that involves absolutely no drilling, scraping, or anything of that kind. Patients do not even need to be numbed if they are undergoing the procedure.

The process is simple – a dentist will insert a tray filled with bleaching chemicals over your top and bottom teeth. Then, you will recline while the dentist places a specialized bright light over your teeth and you hold that position for a set amount of time. The dentist then simply removes the trays and you are sent home with a brighter, more beautiful smile. You can be confident knowing that you will go home feeling better than when you came in.

This fall, do something nice for yourself by getting your teeth whitened – you deserve to kick off this busy season with a gift to yourself. Give yourself the gift of confidence in a smile that you want to show off to the world. Brightening your smile just might be that one little push you need to feel better about yourself than you have ever felt before. You deserve to treat yourself with a brighter, whiter, more beautiful smile.

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