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Bring out the stylish you with ethnic dressing

Sandeep December 20, 2016

Fashion is a progressive phenomenon. With ever-changing trends, it considerably influences the way people dress themselves up. In India, ethnic wear for mens is something that people eventually go back to wearing when it’s time to celebrate a special occasion. When we talk ethnic wear, women always stick to either sarees or salwar kameez whereas for men they go back to the traditional dhoti kurta or kurta pyjamas which for decades have been the primary choice. With Indian festivals staggering over endless rituals and celebrations, the traditional dhoti kurta fits in just right to bask into the spirit of the occasion.

Kurta set for men

Dhoti kurta, especially the men’s dhoti bears an insignia of traditional ethnic wear as Bengali babus and so-called zamindars were the first one to have sported this very dress wear. Besides cotton made dhotis, tussar was also a popular choice of fabric for the kurta worn with the dhoti. Since then, the dhoti kurta or the kurta pyjama has rendered itself to be a classic choice when it comes to wearing ethnic for men. However, over time, we have witnessed the evolution of designer mens dhoti kurta that has become a popular pick among men. Anyone opting to sport a regal look can very well settle to wear dhoti kurta and match up the same with a gorgeous stole fixed around his neck. Some of the most vibrant dhotis are offered in bold colours like red and blue that comes decked with embroidered borders which can be also worn with a sherwani.

There are many men who would prefer wearing kurta pajama over a dhoti as they feel uncomfortable with the draping. However, if you can invest a little bit of time before the festival day, you shall have developed considerable expertise in draping a dhoti. Soon enough, you can also discover several different styles to drape a dhoti. Apart from wearing dhoti-kurta, kurta pyjama also offers a wide gamut of styling options. Like for instance, you can choose the size of a full-length kurta running up to your knee or ankle. If you prefer to keep it trendier than classic, designer kurtas that take inspiration from means formal dressing like shirts are a nice pick. Also, pyjamas have been improvised upon to look like a formal trouser which is a great choice for young people planning o hope the city with friends and still manage to bear the tag of wearing ethnic.

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