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Brush Cutter – Versatile Tools also Useful in Open Field

diksha September 9, 2021

The brush cutter is one of the most prominent lawn care tools for farming ( also known as Brush saws or Clearing saws). Brush cutters are reliable tools designed to trim bushes, other foliage, and small trees that are not available by a rotary mower or lawnmower. Brush tools are also usable in open fields to trim high grass, such as landscaping, maintenance of gardens, use in large-scale forest projects and landscaping etc.    

WE take some products of Brush Cutter to Describe it:- 

Vst Shakti P520BG With Weeder W4 Brush Cutter

  • Vst Shakti P520BG With Weeder W4 Brush Cutter made with the super quality and used the natural soft or hard type of soil.
  • Vst Shakti P520BG provides the Working Width of 200 mm and Working depth of 50 mm. 
  • Vst Shakti P520BG has engine Pubert P520BG and displacement 52 CC and 52 CC displacement available in this tool.   
  • The weight of this Vst Shakti P520BG brush cutter is 13.8 kg, and fuel tank capacity is 1L, and 1.50kW/ 2 HP is a net power. 
  • Vst Shakti P520BG has a total rotation speed of 1750 RPM. 

Neptune BC-360 Brush Cutter

  • Neptune BC-360 Brush Cutter offers the generating engine 35.8 CC, and Power/ RPM is 1.0KW.
  • Neptune BC-360 Brush Cutter has a 9 kg weight, and HP available in this brush cutter is 1.5 HP.
  • Neptune BC-360 Brush Cutter comes with Neptune brand, and SKU is TJ-Ne-134.

Advantages and Benefits of Brush Cutters with reasonable price

Brush cutters are accessible with various motor sizes and ranges, each designed for specific uses. 

The biggest advantage of a brush cutter is that it can fit it with trimmer heads and metal blades for specific applications. All brush cutters provide the maximum efficiency because of well balanced, ergonomic and comfortable tools at a reasonable price. 

For more knowledge about the Brush Cutter and any other tool, stay tuned with us. 

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