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angelineghs January 13, 2022

Carl has only lacking two games in the past 6 years, 2018, the ball advancement of the 20th season has exceeded 4000 yards. Last season, Carl passed to 21 times, and was copied 8 times. At the same time, the team’s record is always unreasonable. During the Calband team, the team was only more than a few seasons, and he also had a criticism from a generous pass.

Before the coach Delrio: I didn’t know that the American tiger would choose the quartz. Gaburt.June 27th, in the Jacksonville American Tiger Draft, 6 points were selected for 8 years after 8 years, when the coach Jack Delrio (Jack Del Rio) It revealed the behind-the-scene story of this year even the decision that he was also very surprised.

“My son and I gave all four-year-off, we like Bolin,” Delrio said. “We like him, but he is in Nick foles, this level & mdash; & mdash; like the third round or the fourth round. He is not a first round player, he is not a player who should pick up So the end is not the issue of coaching, not my problem. This is my first time I feel that I may not stay in the American tiger. “

Despite the poor performance, lightning will continue to choose a shock attackSan Diego lightning is poor in terms of punch, but this does not let them stop try. During the season’s three games, the lightning per game is only a poor 2.4 yard (NFL is the most bad), but they have a total of 97 shock ranking column.

This week, in the face of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville, the uncle of the union bottom, we believe that the Rich will make Brown have a lot of play time. The rookie runs Branden-Oliver and the newly joined team Shaun Draughn can also have a lot of appearance time as a rotation.

Moreno was injured in the second week, then absent the team all the team. This week, he participated in all the training of every day, but he himself said that he must wear an elbow to make him feel very uncomfortable. When asked for the most uncomfortable, Moreno said: “All!”

Dolphins running guards Moreno is about to returnMiami Dolphin Run Wei Sano Nenene-Moreno is likely to return from elbow injuries and appeared in this week with Green Bay packaging. At present, he has been listed as “possibilities” by the team, which indicates that his probability of appearance has been higher than 90%.

“I don’t know if we will pick Balin-Garbit. I don’t know at all,” Delrio is said to the radio program on Tuesday. “In fact, I left the thing I had to take some eating because I had to take us for a long time. I sat there on the plate to put things while thinking, & lsquo; oh, I have to be two hours. To us, & rsquo; then, I will look at & lsquo; I am going to the American tiger to pick it. & Rsquo; my feelings are & lsquo; what happened? & Rsquo; “

In the case of Ryan Mathews (knee injury), Danny Woodhead, Danny Woodhead, Lightning will rely on Donald Brown. Last week, the tactical prove is a mistake. Brown 31 times a scorpion acquired 62 yards (2 yards each time), becoming a third single game in NFL history, more than 30 times, but a player who was less than or equal to 2 yards each time.

This season’s dolphins achieved 2 wins and 2 losses, and the winning rate came to 50%. The team can be rushed 142.3 yards, and Cheap Jerseys the League is ranked fifth. The team will continue to use Lamar Miller as a hair, his average code reaches 5.7 yards. After Molano injury, it will provide huge support for the depth of the dolphins. This week’s opponent package work, temporarily the league in the ground, the field is lost 163 yards on the road. Dolphins is expected to make this for breakthrough challenges.

Dawan – Adams: Originally, the packaging trade union is extensively takenIn this year’s draft, the first round of the package is probably the most unexpected. Many people think that the packaging union chooses an outer hand, to make up the depth of the lineup, even their top is also the same.

If Garbert is excellent in the American tiger, this matter may only be an interesting foot. But Garbit has only stayed in the American Tiger only for 3 seasons, and the 28 games will be taken for 22 times.

US time Monday, Eliot had the opportunity to talk about this matter in public situations, he said: “This is a wrong decision, just seeing it, I have been too strong, I haven’t thought too much before, I didn’t think too much before. But this is not to say what I need to hide. I have taken out there. I know that my behavior has not violated any regulations, but this is a wrong decision, I shouldn’t do this, now I understand. “

Delrio was fired after the end of the 2011 season, and Smith also encountered the same fate after year. Garbrt is still effective in the alliance. He has played 3 games for Tennessee at last season and joined Tampawan pirates in March this year.

But the offense coordinator Frank Reich is believed. “If you are not successful, then try again, try again, try again”. “Our squad attack is of course lower than the average level,” Reich said to San Diego Joint Chronicle. “But the following is what I know: We are full of confidence in what we are doing. We can make our players can play a strong confidence. Even when it is last week, the squash attack is rotten to the average of 2 yards per shock The point, we still choose a shock attack. We will continue to choose the shock attack. “

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