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Building an Ecofriendly Environment – One Tree at a Time

Alanalexandar November 19, 2014

How can we preserve the mother earth in its truest form? How can we maintain the greenery, the cleanliness and the pure air that we breathe in for a long time? How can we protect our scenic views, greenery, flora and fauna from the increasing effects of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide and radiation? How can we build, or rather rebuild an ecofriendly environment? Yes – one tree at a time.

Trees Fight the Greenhouse Effect

Trees fight the harmful effects of greenhouse gases such as fossil fuels and carbon dioxide. These gases reflect back from the sun and are trapped in the layer of earth thus leaving the earth with soaring temperatures. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making the environment green and ecofriendly.

Trees Purify the Air

Trees act as a natural air purifier. They attract all the pollutants in the air. The unfavorable substances in the air go land and stuck on the leaves and bark of the trees, leaving the air fresh, clean and pollution free to breathe. Fresh air is great for health, wellbeing and for an overall healthy environment.

Energy Conservation

Today, the rising global temperatures have led to the use of air conditioners, coolers and so many other things that mostly run on hydroelectric power. All of this increases energy consumption and also results in inflated utility bills. Having trees around your home can keep your indoors cooler and shaded during summers, which consequently results in low utility bills.

For Meditation, Relaxation and More

Sitting under the cool shade of tree in the mornings can be a great source of energy and relaxation. It clears your breath and cools your senses. The cool sight of trees is relaxing for the eyes and a great way to rejuvenate and de stress. Taking in positive energy and letting out negative energy while meditating under the tree can be good for the wellbeing of humans as they can spread the positivity all around them in the society.

A Natural Habitat for the Birds & Animals

Trees offer a home to the wildlife especially birds, ants and other animals. Having birds and other animals in the neighborhood not only adds beauty to the place but also is beneficial for a more environmental friendly place.

The best thing that we can give our environment today in this world full of harmful radiation and greenhouse gases is a tree. With multiple benefits and purposes, a single tree planted today can improve and provide great benefits to the society tomorrow.


Alan Alaxandar has experience in writing for small businesses. Currently he writes for P&M Gonzalez Landscaping the most creative Landscape architects and Gardening services in Princeton NJ. Find Alan on Twitter, Facebook, and on Google+

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