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Burleigh Pools: Indoor Pool v/s Outdoor Pool which one to Choose?

Aria June 18, 2021

Swimming pools are everybody’s best friend on hot summer days. Nothing can compare to the feeling of relaxing and spending time next to your own swimming pool at home. Not only is swimming a great exercise, but also an incredibly luxurious leisure activity on holiday.

Anybody who loves to spend time in the water and has the budget should consider getting in touch in Burleigh Pools to build their own custom swimming pool. While outdoor pools are a great way to enjoy the sunshine, there are plenty of people who wouldn’t mind having an indoor pool.

So, which one would be a better choice? Go through the comparison below before contacting Burleigh Pools swimming pool contractors to make an informed decision regarding the matter.

Indoor Pools

Pros –

People who love the idea of going for clean and fresh swims all year round should definitely think about installing an indoor pool. The indoor setting allows one to control the climate inside so that the pool can be enjoyed at any time of the day, regardless of the weather.

When the weather is cold or stormy, an outdoor pool has to be closed up. However, an indoor pool allows a homeowner the opportunity to through pool parries even during the month of January.

Indoor pools are much easier to clean because they don’t get exposed to natural debris and other elements that end up in outdoor pools. Dirt build-up and algae are also very rare in indoor pools that are properly maintained.

People looking for frequent use and convenience should definitely ask Burleigh Pools Gold Coast to show custom designs of indoor pools.

Cons –

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to having an indoor pool. When it comes to building one, the cost is much more than outdoor construction. The overall maintenance is also going to be expensive for indoor pools.

There are several things that one must consider before getting an indoor pool. The indoor area needs proper ventilation because the chlorine gas released in an indoor pool can be hazardous, causing frequent headaches and respiratory issues.

Without proper moisture and vapour barriers, the house could undergo structural damage the house because the wetness and humidity can easily seep inside, destroying wooden frames. When everything is taken into account, the price is twice as compared to an outdoor pool of the same size.

Outdoor Pools

Pros –

Though it demands more work than an indoor setting, an outdoor pool offers an ambience that nobody can deny. With clean and clear water and sunshine, an outdoor pool can easily turn a boring day into a happening one.

As the pool is located outside, chlorine odours would never be an issue for homeowners. Overall, it is the feeling of being outdoors that makes it such a compelling choice for most homeowners.

When it comes to cost, it demands less intensive labour work for installation, making it less strenuous on the pocket. Anybody who is looking for cheaper installation costs should request a quote on outdoor pool construction from the best Burleigh Pools Swimming Pool Contractors.

Cons –

It may seem like an easy decision, but there are a few things to keep in mind before going forward with an outdoor pool. As outdoor pools demand a lot of cleaning and maintenance, it can get quite frustrating for the homeowners.

As there will be plenty of sunlight and other environmental elements, there is a higher chance of unsightly algae growth and dirt build-up around the pool. There is also a risk of animals getting stuck in the pool’s filtration system.

The changing weather can also be a disaster, limiting when the pool can be fully functional to the residents and guests. Hence, the pool has to be properly enclosed every year in order to prevent winter damage.

The Best of Both Worlds!

Anybody who would like to enjoy the benefits of both an indoor and outdoor pool can do so with a large pool enclosure. It is a transparent structure that slides over the pool to protect it from various environmental elements while maintaining warmth inside. It can also be enjoyed all through the year by the residents of the house.

As the enclosure can protect the pool from elements, there will be less debris and dirt building up, which means less time spent in cleaning and maintaining the pool.

Some people love the idea of installing high-sided pool enclosures that can offer ample space for lounging and other swimming activities, irrespective of the weather outside. These enclosures can easily roll back on hot days to allow people the warmth of the sun.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to pools. It all boils down to the lifestyle choices of the homeowner and the amount of money they are ready to invest in the pool project.

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