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Buy Latex Mattress Online At Best Prices in India

Shinysleep June 25, 2021

Latex mattresses became a topic of discussion in the mattress industry due to their increasing popularity among consumers. The manufacturers started adding or increasing their production while the consumer’s demand is also rising. Let’s understand what is a latex mattress and what benefits it offers to the consumer that make it a popular modal.

It is prepared with the help of a natural material derived from the sap of a rubber tree known as latex. That milk or rubber-like substance is further manufactured to make it a foam that can be used in mattress manufacturing. However, not all companies use 100% latex as it can be available in 2 or more types.

Natural latex mattress: It is made up of two or more latex foam layers without combining it with any other foam. It is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Hybrid Latex mattress: It is made up by combining latex foam with other natural foams that contain less toxic chemicals to make it user-friendly. Different companies or brands combine different types of material or foam to make their product different from others and foam density also varies.

Benefits of Latex mattress

Here are some of the benefits because of which both customers and manufacturers show their interest in it.

Support to pressure points: The major benefit of the latex bed is it provides great support to joints and pressure points which help in relieving body pain. Likewise, it allows the muscles to relax after the whole day’s stress and activity. Because no matter what age a person belongs to 80% of the population has some or other kind of back or neck pain issues that can create discomfort in your sleep. To ease your suffering and to provide a comfortable position for sleep this mattress is designed.

Anti-allergic: Another advantage is its anti-allergic nature as it won’t allow microorganisms to survive or create which can lead to a healthy and hygienic place to sleep on. So don’t worry if you have sensitive skin or suffer from any allergies you can rely on this for a good sleep. People with respiratory problems can also use this as it is medium-soft in nature and its high resilience won’t let your body sink into the mattress.

Cool structure: It is designed with an open-cell structure that allows the mattress to breathe and allows better airflow. It is heat-resistant and its breathability won’t allow sweat or moisture to retain on the surface. Because of that, it can give a cool and healthy environment to sleep removing the suffocating feeling and make the bed comfortable in all weather conditions.

High Durability: It is highly durable because it is made up of natural foam. Its lifespan varies from 12 to 20 years and comes with a good warranty period. It is made up of rubber-like material and has the property of coming back to its original form once the pressure is removed. It won’t sag easily that’s why it is comparatively expensive than other foam.

Nature friendly: Keeping in mind today’s pollution level it actually contributes to nature which is best for the country and the people. It is biodegradable in nature that means from production to decomposition it has no adverse effect on nature. Because at the time of production rubber trees plantation tends to rise which help the nature to grow. It can be decomposed easily without affecting nature.

These are some of the major benefits it offers. It is a good option that can meet the requirement of different people. From great comfort to support and special sleeping needs, it can give you a healthy and comfortable sleep. It’s also a great choice for nature lovers as they can get a chemical-free mattress and contribute to nature. To fulfill your need, Shinysleep offers you both hybrid and natural latex mattresses made with certified latex and comes with a 50% discount on MRP. You can get a warranty of 11 years along with a free trial period of 111 nights. All you need to do is to place your order online through our website.

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