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Cambridge Taxi London airport transfer service

BethHarmon February 8, 2022

Cambridge Taxis London Airport Transfer We specialise in all London airport transfers, covering all UK airports, providing a competitively priced service. With a wide range of MPVs and station waggons, we are able to take the whole party, no matter how big or small. We can also pick you up at short notice from any London airport, with an average weight of twenty minutes for travellers in Heathrow Airport.

Cambridge Taxis is committed to offering a service that exceeds and exceeds the needs of our customers’ expectations. 24 hours a day, 3 hundred and sixty-five times a year, we are determined to be the best in providing prompt, efficient, cost-effective and reliable assistance.

Cambridge Taxis’ mission is to constantly enhance our quality P Hire HV services within London for all our clients and drivers. The company was established over 25 decades ago. We are able to begin small but expand both our client base as well as our drivers’ fleet every year. The growth of our company is fueled by knowledge, dedication, determination and accountability.

All of our vehicles are certified through TFL (Public Transport Workplace PCO) with P HV insurance fully protected. Our fleet comprises approximately 100 vehicles with different brands, sizes, styles and types to satisfy the requirements of every passenger. From high-end salons to vans with eight seats. Our vehicles are tidy and our drivers are well-dressed . All the vehicles we have in our fleet are under five years old giving you a secure, comfortable and enjoyable journey . The most popular and affordable option is to accommodate up to four passengers, with two large suitcases as well as two hand luggage. It is ideal for those who want low-cost travel and for small groups. We also make use of hybrids that are not green as part of our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our dealership. A government-owned vehicle to mark a special event or business handover creates a positive impression.

If you want fast, affordable and affordable airport transfers around London Look no further than Cambridge Taxis.

We’re open all hours of the day all week long and are open to short-term reservations. We’ve been offering airport transfer services in London for more than 25 years and can transport you or your guests anywhere in and out of every London airport. We frequently transport our customers towards Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport and London City Airport and we are able to provide transfer services to any location within London or outside of London.

New for 2017! You can now make reservations AN for any transfer at any airport through our mobile app that is free without charge on iPhones as well as humanoid gadgets. Through our app, you are able to make secure prepayments and locate the closest taxi available in a flash. You can make a choice on this page.


The services that you can depend on from the USA are reliable. Our drivers are knowledgeable of London and the surrounding areas as if they were in their hands. Our taxis for airport transfers are carefully maintained to guarantee an efficient service. Let us know when you’ve really wanted to know more, or if you’re required to be at a terminal, we’ll tell you all the rest.

For return trips, you need to inform us of the details of your flight and the driver will take you to the correct time, or look ahead in case there is a delay on your plane. We are prone to believe that flight times may not always be accurate, therefore you’ll be able to rest easy in the event of a delay there’s no problem.


We’re happy to meet you in an area that is convenient to you. We often pick up customers from their homes or workplace, however, we’re willing to meet you at any station or terminal you prefer. Just tell us the location you’ll be at and we’ll come to take you to the station.


We provide all airport transfers for a lower price than taxis that are black. For instance, a Nottingham Taxi might have a lower cost for transfers to Central London to Heathrow but taxis from us can cost up to 10 per cent and that’s all it takes. In contrast to taxi companies that are black and taxi companies, we are more than happy to negotiate prices prior to the trip and you’ll never be charged any extra fees. Our price is the amount you will pay!

We accept cash payments on the day you make your transfer, or you can make a secure transaction using a debit or credit card from the USA. If you wish to pay with a credit card, please inform us and we’ll arrange it for you.

To receive a cost estimate for airport transfers in general, call us at +442089253849 to make a reservation on our website and download our app. You can also contact us via here. We will be able to get there as fast as possible.

Public Health England (PHE) guidelines.

Staff and passengers are reminded of the need to clean their hands often prior to accepting a booking and follow the general guidelines for hygiene on all guests.

When making the reservation, you should mention your reason for booking the trip to ensure that the passengers and drivers are safe because the virus spreads rapidly.

The drivers of our company will adhere to the risk assessments that are in place and use safe procedures to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Beware of dropping off passengers in areas that are congested.

Make use of a simple payment app prior to your trip to limit contact with the passengers.

Make sure to regularly clean and disinfect the vehicle contact surfaces after passengers have disembarked to decrease the possibility of spreading viruses to one another.

Always make sure to use social control.

In the meantime, Hire Cab continues to provide an extensive service to meet all your needs for passenger transport and transportation needs during the outbreak. They will make sure that you get to your destination safely and without disease transmission when travelling with them. As per UK Government advice, the guidelines set by PHE must be strictly followed by your service provider in order to ensure the safety of its drivers, employees and passengers from this spread. COVID-19 is a serious disease. So, you should only offer essential transportation and travel services to ensure your safety.

Minibuses and taxis are available for hire when you are in a crisis or require assistance in getting to your destination in a safe manner. Because we know that during times of crisis there are many reservations about travelling with private hire vehicles. It’s a crisis that can be overcome by a strict enforcer policy as well as COVID-19 rules.

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