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Can air conditioner trigger a headache?

michealanderson May 1, 2020

Once the summer season arrives and temperatures begin to rise excessively, it is normal for air conditioners to be fully operational both in shops and in offices and homes. In this way, we subject the body to sudden changes in temperature of up to 15 degrees in a matter of seconds and, normally, several times throughout the day. The problems that this trend can generate go through various ailments such as dizziness, excessive sweating, syncope and the dreaded headaches.

Causes of air conditioning headache

The main health disadvantage of using air conditioning is that it needs humidity to cool the environment. The consequence is that the air expelled by the device is dry as well as fresh, which causes the defenses positioned in the bronchi to lose efficiency, making the lungs more vulnerable to all kinds of infections. These, of course, which can lead, within their usual symptoms, to headaches. For an obvious question, this typology of cases is more frequent in areas with dry climates.

Another common cause of headaches caused by air conditioners is noise. Numerous studies have shown that this is a plausible source of stress, so in the case that concerns us, as the noise generated by the air conditioning is continuous, it can lead to pathologies of a certain severity. The most common consequence lies in beeping and temporary hearing loss, which, obviously, can also cause headaches and migraines.

Equipment maintenance is essential since fungal and bacterial cultures can grow in its ducts with the potential to spread various diseases. In our home appliances it is sufficient to clean the filters well once a year, however larger installations such as office buildings will require more complex work.

Summer, high temperatures and air conditioners are concepts that always go hand in hand. Whether at work, at home, in the car or in a shopping center, the excessive or inappropriate use of air conditioning can affect our musculoskeletal system causing injuries of different kinds and headache. We tell you what these risks are.

Other Harmful Effects of Excessive Air Conditioning

During the summer months, we subject the body to large temperature changes that can range from 20-22ºC indoors with air conditioning to 35-40ºC that can be reached on the street on hotter days.

These sudden temperature changes prevent the body from regulating itself naturally, that is, causing sweating to cool and preserve the balance of body temperature. When the cooling of the body is done through the air conditioning and, in addition, the jet is received directly on the skin, it is when muscle contractions can appear.

The muscles contract when exposed to low temperatures and, in that state, they are more prone to suffering cramps or spasms that generate pain and that can trigger cervical pain, low back pain, torticollis or even facial paralysis. These problems are aggravated in the office by spending many hours working in the same position, most of the time, incorrect. They can also cause migraines or severe headaches. However, if you use the best Air Conditioner in India appropriately then there is no issue.

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