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Cancellation of Flights and Travel Waivers Policies by Airlines Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

rome17 April 30, 2021

Well, we all know that the outbreak of COVID-19 shakes the entire travel and airline industry. But to make the entire industry work properly again, there are several policies added by the airlines. Indeed, this CoronaVirus outbreak still affects travel and flight dates. That’s why there are several updates on the cancellation policy of airlines. To know more about the cancellation policy or book a ticket in JetBlue Airlines, you call contact teléfono de Jetblue reservaciones

Readers can get better insights into cancellation policies by visiting the official website of their preferred airlines. Here, we have added some of the selective and popular airlines’ cancellation policies.

More Details about the Cancellation based on the following Airlines:

Alaska Airlines

As one of the best airlines, Alaska Airlines is providing customized travel options to their customers. This will indeed make their passengers feel comfortable with their journey. Here are the points which they updated:

  • Airlines will charge no cancellation or change fees.
  • Alaska Airlines restrict flying to certain regions.
  • Passengers can easily contact the customer support team for any issues related to the trip’s change or Cancellation.

One can find any other additional information related to the changed policies on the official website of Alaska Airlines. 

American Airlines

American Airlines is also providing flexibility to their customers by offering the extension of waive changes fees. This means travelers can waive the change fees within 1-year ticket validity. But the waived fees can vary as per the website you have been booked your American Airlines flight ticket. Additional information based on the change policy as well as the waiver information and travel alerts of American Airlines can be found on the official website of American Airlines. Passengers can also find the schedule change plan due to COVID-19 on the official website of American Airlines.

Delta Airlines

During this pandemic challenge, Delta Airlines is also working to help its passengers. They evaluate and do the changes that may help their passengers fly during COVID-19 with full safety. They are working to make any booking, Cancellation, changes and rebooking policies of the airlines easy to use and understand. For now, during the CoronaVirus outbreak, there will be no extra charges for Cancellation and flight change. For more details based on the updated policies, please visit the official website of Delta Airlines.

Frontier Airlines

If you have any real-time booking on Frontier Airlines and are looking to cancel or change the flight at your convenience, then you can do it with flexibility. The customer care support of Frontier Airlines has designed multiple options to help you. Passengers can make changes to their itinerary without paying any change or cancellation charges. One can find any other additional information related to the changed policies on the official website of Frontier Airlines.

JetBlue Airways

Due to the on-going COVID-19 situation worldwide, JetBlue Airlines also updated its change or cancellation policies. Passengers of JetBlue Airlines can cancel or change their flight ticket status and they will not get charged for any update from JetBlue Airlines. Passengers can also rebook the flight ticket with no extra charges. Additional information based on the changed policy and the waiver information and travel alerts of JetBlue Airlines, can be found on the official website of JetBlue Airlines.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Passengers of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will also be rewarded with the updates of cancellation and change policies during this COVID-19 outbreak. They can rebook their flights with no extra charges. Travelers can book KLM Royal Dutch Airlines with the assurity of being able to change their booking status whenever they want (till COVID) without paying a single extra penny. If anyone wants to get more details based on the updated cancellation and change policies, they can visit KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ official website to know more. 


Due to the sudden spread of Coronavirus, Lufthansa Airlines also offer flexible cancellation or flight change circumstances for their passengers. One can cancel or change the status of their flight without paying any extra charges. Passengers can also change their departure date as per their preferences and also change their class within a sec after consulting the flight attendants or the customer care support representatives. 

Spirit Airlines

The guests of Spirit Airlines can change their flight ticket status just by contacting Spirit Servicio al Cliente. They will not get charged for any changes on their flight ticket. 

Many airlines change their cancellation policies due to the COVID-19 strike. If you want to know about any airlines’ cancellation policies, you have to visit the official website of that airline and click on the cancellation policies section.

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