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What’s the standard percentage lawyers take after car accident lawsuit NY?

skyseoroundtable September 3, 2021

Accident Cases Post Covid-19 Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, LLP are excited to announce that the restrictions which were in affect since March 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic were largely lifted as of May 24, 2021. This means that the litigating attorneys in the firm will start participating in “in court” proceedings such as conferences, hearings… Continue Reading »


What is a Crime? & Concepts of Justice

Faisal Rafiq August 17, 2021

“What is a Crime? & Concepts of Justice” 1 What is a Crime? & Concepts of Justice 2 Expectations Explain the purpose of criminal lawExplain the legal definition of a crime and the concepts of mens rea, actus reus, and strict and absolute liability Analyze theories about criminal conduct and the nature of criminal behaviour, and explain… Continue Reading »


Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions for Supplier Diversity in the Workplace

MaxFitzgerald August 2, 2021

Supplier diversity is defined as the variety of individuals within an organization. While it may sound simple, diversity refers to the combination of differences between people in an organization. Diversity doesn’t just refer to how individuals perceive themselves. It also includes how they perceive other people. These perceptions impact their interactions. Human resource professionals must… Continue Reading »


For the best Commack Personal Injury Lawyers call Glynn Mercep and Purcell, LLP

skyseoroundtable July 29, 2021

DWIs and DUIs Quite possibly the most well-known charges individuals are captured for in Suffolk County are Driving While Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence of Drugs. Since 1974, lawyer Craig Purcell has been addressing individuals accused of DWI or DUI solely in Suffolk County. He has attempted numerous DWI cases, including some place there… Continue Reading »


Existing Personal Injury Claims Since the Start of the Covid-19 Pandemic | Glynn, Mercep and Purcell, LLP

skyseoroundtable July 8, 2021

Existing Personal Injury Claims Since the Start of the Covid-19 Pandemic Numerous customers of Glynn, Mercep and Purcell, LLP who had forthcoming individual injury cases coming about because of car crashes before the pandemic, have called us asking about the situation with their cases. Some were worried that the actual shutting of the courts would… Continue Reading »

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