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CBD Vape Cartridge

earthchoicesupply December 24, 2020

What is vaping?

Vaping is inhaling and exhaling the vapor released when an electronic cigarette burnt. People assume that smoking and vaping are the same, but not. Vaping is better and has benefits than smoking. Whereas smoking is not at all suitable for health, smoking causes long term effects.

Is cbd vape oil vaping the best way to take CBD?

Let’s take a look at different ways of vaping :

Speed – Vaping is the undisputed winner as far as speed. It puts CBD in your bloodstream almost immediately. If you are using cbd vape cartridge pens for anxiety attacks or migraines – this is a huge factor.

Bioavailability – Since vaping bypasses your digestive system, a higher percentage of cbd vaper absorbed into your bloodstream than by any other method.

Dosing – Because of the two above factors – accurate dosing is straightforward with vaping. You puff and wait to see how you feel – repeat if necessary. Ingesting vape CBDs is an inconsistent way to dose – part of the process takes place in your small intestines – which may or may not have food in them.

Duration – Because dripping tinctures is a two-stage process – first under your tongue and later in your guts – it will have a longer-lasting effect than vaping.

Safety – There is no evidence that vaping CBD is harmful. But do we know with 100% certainty?

Cost – Because of the bioavailability and accurate dosing, vaping is the most cost-effective.

Convenience – Vaping is undoubtedly more comfortable than dripping tincture under your tongue, but you can’t vape just anywhere. And vaping equipment can take a little maintenance.



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