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Ceiling Lights: LED Recessed Lights

MelissaC January 4, 2021

LED recessed lights are Ceiling lights which go inside a hollow opening in the ceiling and the light shines downwards from out of the fixture are known as recessed lights. These are tiny light fixtures which are very versatile and are for general, accent and task lighting.

They are also referred to as pot lights or can lights locally. Despite their size these lights are highly efficient in terms of functionality and to experiment various lighting techniques.

Many lighting contractors suggest recessed lighting while remodelling spaces or include them in general lighting layout in new houses.

Over the time, halogen lamps have been used in recessed lighting fixtures because they are super bright as compared to other lamps. The worst turn up is that they heat up pretty quickly which affects the functionality of recessed light fixtures in the long run.

Traditional lamps though are being replaced by LEDs in recent years which has dramatically increased the efficiency of the fixture and overall credibility of pot lights.

Structure of LED recessed lights:

Table of Contents

A usual led recessed lighting fixture contains:


Special consideration must be put in choosing the housing as the right housing will make the fixture function properly. For existing fixtures, remodeled housings are appropriate and they have adjustable arms for proper installation. Whereas New construction housing is attached directly in the ceiling while the ceiling is designed.

It is essential to check the type of ceiling prior to installation, if the ceiling is insulated then use IC(insulation contact) housing. They reduce the risk of overheating.  If there’s none then use Non IC rated housing.

Lastly, depending on the usage i.e for general or accent lighting select the power supply for recessed lights. For that there are line voltage and low voltage housings which either operate directly on the same power supply as the rest of the house or use a cut down voltage.

This determines the efficiency and versatility of these fixtures.


Trim of recessed lighting is the only visible and basically crucial part of the fixture. It decides the kind of light which is coming out of the fixture.Trims help adjust the aim and amount of light.

There are different kinds of trims for different purposes as recessed lights are for general accent and task lighting.

For general lighting, reflector, open and baffle trims are widely used.

For accent lighting, eyeball, gimbal and wall-wash trims are used.

For task lighting, pin-hole, gimbal trims are used.

These trims have adjustable angles and allow to direct the light out of the fixture very efficiently to create various lighting effects.


LEDs are now widely used in recessed lighting for the fact that they are highly efficient and are available in various shapes to facilitate the lighting design.

They are bright, do not warm up and have quick startup time, due to their longer life-spans they have proven their mark in the lighting industry.

LED recessed lights are now the wave in modern lighting due to their efficient lighting design. The trim designs facilitate the lighting effects and help layer and setup any kind of lighting layout in any room of the house (kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom).

Hope you will get the required information that is required while buying LED recessed lights. I will continue posting the knowledge about LED lighting with the passage of time so the readers who are eager to learn about lighting products can get best out of it. The last but the most important note for all of my readers: If you would like to buy a product that helps in global warming use LED lighting and save the environment.

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