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Check Out The Top Halal-Friendly Holiday Destinations Of 2020/2021

sitarragul November 24, 2020

Health safety is the priority so it is not advised to travel on these days when the second wave of coronavirus has just started and the world is gonna be closed once again. The travel conditions in the worldly nations have softened after seeing the flattening curve of coronavirus waves, but as the conditions were getting ease, the second wave of the virus has just begun in many countries in the world and it seems that another major lockdown is coming ahead.

The situation is perceived to be bad in the future but there is no confirmed picture of tomorrow. You still can roam in many countries in the world as there is no ban on traveling as yet but it is not advisable to do so.

The safe thing to do is to wait for the Coronavirus to be over. And it is hoped to be ended when the vaccine of the COVID would be invented. This blog is just to give you a glimpse of where you can spend your Halal Family hoidays in 2020-2021.

Top Best Halal Family Holiday Destinations:

There are a lot of destinations to visit and they are very family friendly. The enlisted destinations are Halal Family Holiday destinations you can pick to travel this winter or Summer next year.

UAE – Seven States Seven Sands:

The United Arab Emirates is a place you can visit and enjoy your time. This is a globally famous tourist destination and not only for Muslims to visit. The Emirates is a place that welcomes everyone and safe, friendly for all. The edge to the Muslim families if they travel to the UAE is that it is a Muslim majority country.

Picking up the Halal holiday Packages would allow you to enjoy the customized Holidays with all the Halal arrangements already made for you on the destination. UAE is not that difficult to explore but you should take the ultimate luxuries to boop your trip already.

The places to visit in the United Arab Emirates are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, and Sharjah. The last said destination, Sharjah is a residence for the tourists and locals. Your must-visit destinations are the Grand Mosque, Burj al-Khalifa, Marina Mall, Emirates Park Zoo, Palm Jumairah and much more.

Turkey – Muslim Majority Country:

Turkey is full of lively colors and vibrant cultures. The dynamic and bustling nature of its cities and a beautiful melt of modern and traditional lives inspires the tourist. The tourists find the variety of cuisines, archaic and modern places to visit, and a diversity in the culture.

Being in Turkey will give you a feeling of being in Europe and at the same time, you will be feeling like you are in the world of Swirling Sufis.

Top tourist attractions in Turkey are Topkapi Palace, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Cappadocia, and Anatolia. Sit in the traditional and modern cafes of Istanbul and feel the mix ambiance to soothe your inner. The top-notch restaurants await your visit to serve you traditional and modern dishes.

Holy Land of Saudi Arabia:

Muslim families in the world mostly plan their holidays to visit the sacred land of Mecca and Medina in Summers and winters. If you are thinking to visit Saudi Arabia for the first time and thinks that the kingdom is the best place for Halal Family Holidays, you are right. The Saudi Kingdom is a melt of old and new lifestyle and gives a diverse impact on the tourists visiting the country for the first time.

A visit to the old towns in the metropolitan cities and then shopping at the modern malls in Jeddah, Riyadh would give you a lovely experience. Identical things are always boring in life so try to bring some chill and be in different places when in Saudi Arabia.

The most famous and top attractions in Saudi Arabia are Mecca, Medina, for Umrah and Hajj Pilgrimage. You will have many tourist destinations in Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh Taif, and Tabuk. Find the best activities online before booking your customized visit to Saudi Arabia. Remember, Saudi Arabia is not just famous for Hajj and Umrah for Muslim families. There are ‘state of the Art’ malls, Zoo, Museums, and restaurants to spend your best time.

Morocco A world of Colorful Culture:

Morocco is considered a very traditional and modern holiday destination among the tourist community. The matter to know is that Morocco hosts thousands of tourists during the year 2019. You start your visit from Marrakech, the cultural hub of the country, take a Hot air balloon ride, gulp something traditional and move on to the other cities. Rabat, Chefchoiuaen, The Sahara desert, and Casablanca are the famous cities of Morocco people use to visit during their summer vacations. Morocco is a very tourist freidnly destination with liberal values.

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