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Choose cabinet door handles and drawer pulls wisely!

hrxglass March 16, 2021

A home is a place where you don’t want to leave. A place where you can relax from all the chaos of the outside world. When you are revamping your home, you need to do a handful of things that makes a big difference. The more you get into features like how your cabinet door handles and drawer pulls look, will make people’s eyes turn. As we know, beauty lies in the details. 

Cabinet hardware is one of those subtle elements that can impact how people will perceive the space. It is used from kitchens to bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, basically everywhere! It is an essential requirement. 

From replacing old cabinet handles and pulls or starting fresh with new ones on the market. Interestingly, cabinet hardware is one of the easiest and most economical things you can do to modernize a space instantly. They can be small in size but can make a lot of difference in the overall look. This blog will help you to finalize the perfect cabinet handles and pulls for your home.

The cabinet door handles and drawer pulls should complement your home style:

Whether you’re selecting cabinet hardware for a new space, remodeling an existing one, or simply trying something in trend- make sure your final design selections complement the existing furniture. 

Before redesigning, you need to imagine the space you choosefor cabinet handles and pulls. It’s important to have the front and center of the room in your mind. For example, a heritage-looking knob won’t go with a modern contemporary home. These details matter a lot- what finish or material they have. 

There are so many options of cabinet handles and pulls available in a variety of materials and colors:  

  • Metal: It is one of the commonly available materials for knobs and pulls.  
  • Glass: It looks elegant. Generally, you can found them in traditional, modern, or industrial-style kitchens. 
  • Wood: Itgives rustic and charming appeal to a place.
  • Crystal: It is perfect for upscale or classical style homes but can add a unique character to any home. 
  • Stone: Like marble, granite, and travertine in different colors. You can find these stone knobs and pulls in traditional-style dwellings.

Understand the door or cabinets before choosing the designs of cabinet handles and pulls:

You need to understand the specifications of the doors, windows, or furniture. Their thickness, how it opens or closes, its width, and what functionality they offer. Take photographs and ask a professional for their advice on the hardware store. 

What works for you- knobs or pulls?

What shape you choose is an important one. The market is full of colorful and different cabinet handles and pulls. For instance, if you’re selecting drawers in the kitchen, knobs will be an easy choice. But if you’re planning a pantry or larger pull-outs, use a pull as it will be more comfortable. It is particularly important for drawers that will store heavy utensils as they are huge. Also, ensure you have enough of the cabinet pull or drawer pull to grab. The ridge should be deeper than the drawer’s face. Secondly, you don’t want your fingers to suffer each time you go to open them. It would be best if you keep functionality in mind.  

Choosing between curved or square

The shape of the knobs should be following the style of your furniture and the overall home vibe. The form of your cabinetry will determine which type of handle you choose. For example, if you’re designing a modern home with lots of sharp, angled edges, you will opt for more angular fasteners. If your new designs have rounded corners or a more traditional heritage, look then maintain the continuity with round knobs and pulls.

Size of the cabinet door handles and drawer pulls.

While redesigning, the most important aspect is that you need to balance functionality and aesthetics.It is the key to a beautiful and effective home. To decide the size of your cabinet door handles and drawer pulls, you need to divide its length by 3. For instance, doors or drawers under 24″. Similarly, for a 12″ cabinetry drawer, you should use a 4″ cabinetry pulls. It should be almost one-third of the size of your drawer.  If you feel this rule is not working well for your furniture, you can reduce the size by one-fourth. Remember, it’s all in your hand and mind what look is achieving more aesthetic charm than your home interiors.

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