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Choose Online Jerusalem Wall Décor and Judaica Paintings

artlevin January 4, 2022

Jerusalem paintings are very famous and most of the people know about them. But a lot of people do not know about its artist and how he got inspired to make these paintings. When the artist arrived in the city 30 years back, he was very impressed with it and immediately felt that Jerusalem would be the center of his work. With Jerusalem wall decor, the artist has tried to reveal the true character of the city.

Sunrise behind the Kotel Painting

He has shown the most beautiful places in his paintings where the Jews used to pray and celebrate their holidays. Tower of David is one of the favorite topics of the Jews. He has made a lot of paintings where one can see the old walls of Jerusalem and the tower of David. He says that the city looks beautiful during sunrise and sunset. He believes that Jerusalem is a heaven on earth. In the series of these paintings, he has tried his best to show the history and the holy character of the city.

Jewish Life paintings is also a very popular series of paintings. The Judaica paintings reveal how the people in the past used to live in Ukraine, Poland and a lot of other places. The more you discover about the life of Jews, the more you can make paintings about their lives. In these paintings, the artist has tried to show the struggle of the Jews like the way they used to read without any light.

He himself had to travel to a lot of places where the Jews used to live or where they have traveled in order to show more about their life. He also visited the shtetls where the Jews lived and tried to capture all of that in his paintings. He keeps learning more and more about the life of the Jews in order to make more paintings about their lives.

second Jewish Temple Painting

The artist believes that the struggles of the Jews are worth telling and people should know about them in order to get inspired with their struggles. It is very important to have a personal experience of something to talk about it and that is what the artist has done. He has tried to visit each and every place where they used to stay so that he can gather more information about their lives. The artist wants the present as well as the future generations to know about the struggles of the Jews so that they can get inspired.

These days, we are so busy in our lives that we do not value what we have. The artist wants the new generations to value what they have and also get inspired to do better in life. He wants to show that the Jews have struggled so much but still they have achieved so much in their life that now they have inspired so many people. If you are interested in the life of Jews or curious about history, then you should definitely check out these paintings.

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